Happy clients

1) all my questions before the trip were dealt with quickly and competently and answered. Never did Pascal give me the feeling that a question might be stupid. The material list helped me prepare myself well.
2) The whole trip was PERFECTLY organized. Visa application, Check-In, room bookings, luggage deliveries, program changes; everything was taken by Pascal and Alexis in the Hand, so that I as a participant was just allowed to take a vacation.
3) complications were always solved immediately and competently so that I as a guest never had the impression that I had to interfere or to worry so everything went well.
4) Pascal Manetsch is a very caring motivating and supportive guide and companion who takes care of his guests competently, their well-being and their individual needs. He made sure that I was the weakest in the group on the ski tours to indicate the pace, which took a lot of pressure from me and so I managed to reach the set goals and to cross my own limits.
5) the team on site has joined together in such a way that they gave a well-rehearsed Team for us guests. The daily routines went smoothly.
6) Our cook was a 5-star pearl. It was so fantastic that you emptied all the pots even without feeling hungry.
So this trip is in my best memory and my great gratitude is especially to Pascal and Alexis, who together as communicators and organizers gave a well-established Team. But also the other group participants have been able to convey to me the feeling of security and safety. Whether a trip is good or not, is mainly dependent on the fellow people and I was surrounded by people who lived through this adventure with me with benevolent and high social competence.