Sochi Travel Guide

Unique weather conditions and exceptional natural beauty of the area have transformed Sochi into a desired holiday destination not only for millions of visitors from Russia, but also for holidaymakers from all over the world. Always being a tourist Mecca, this area has experienced a tremendous growth of the holiday sector after 2014 when Sochi hosted XXII Winter Olympic and Paralympic games. This city also hosted Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2014 and FIFA World Cup in 2018 making this location a key area for sporting events.

A great combination of warm sea, beautiful mountain landscapes, rich subtropical vegetation, and well-tended urban infrastructure with hotels, shops, museums and houses make Sochi a dream destination for thousands of tourists that visit this city daily. Even though there are many English-speaking signs and the population is tourist-friendly, visitors need help in arranging their stay and visit programs.

We are pleased to invite you to go to Sochi with a Russian travel guide! Sochi tour guide provided below will help you experience post-Olympic Sochi, informal summer capital city of Russia.

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Tours in Sochi

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Sochi Tourist Attractions

Tari Tour will provide you with full assistance in arranging your Sochi tours. We offer tours in small groups or individual tours. From the list of tourist attractions below, you can select those that you are interested in visiting and let us know. Make you Sochi holidays great! Below is Sochi guide for you.

What to see in Sochi:

  1. Sochi Olympic Park

    The Territory of Sochi Olympic Park was constructed for the Winter Olympics held in 2014. It includes such Olympic facilities as the Fisht Olympic Stadium, Iceberg Skating Palace, Adler Arena, the Olympic Village and a few others. You can have a walk or take a bike ride in the Park. Read more...

  2. Sochi Arboretum

    Sochi Arboretum (also known as “the Dendrarium”) presents a unique collection of tropical plants and rare birds. The Arboretum is a popular place for visitors, many people go there for a stroll. The Park’s observation sites provide breathtaking views of mountains and the Black Sea coast. Read more...

  3. Riviera Park

    Sochi’s Riviera Park was founded by V. A. Khludov at the end pf XIX century. The Park’s main attraction are rose bush galleries that are made of various types of roses. Landscape designers continuously invent new compositions in order to entertain visitors. At all times, the Riviera was the place for dating and romantic rendezvous. Read more...

  4. Mount Akhun

    Mount Akhun is a small mountain (slightly over 660 meters in height) located 3 kilometers from the Black Sea coast. It is a well-known Sochi tourist attraction. An observation tower was built of white limestone in the Roman style on the top of the Akhun. The slopes of the mountain are covered with relict trees and there are many caves under its surface. Read more...

  5. Watch tower on Mount Akhun

    Locals believe that the watch tower on Mount Akhun is the most romantic and beautiful place in Sochi. It was constructed in the first half of XX century. The height of the tower is 30 meters. Tourists enjoy majestic views from the top of it, taking great pictures of the city, mountains and the coastal area. That is the place to include for a happy tour of Sochi.

  6. Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel

    This Cathedral is the main and the oldest Orthodox church building in Sochi. It was constructed in the second half of XIX century to commemorate the victory in the Caucasian War in 1864. This Cathedral wad named after St. Michael the Archangel who is worshipped as Sochi’s guardian saint. Read more...

  7. Winter Theatre

    Sochi’s Winter Theatre was built in 1937 and has been main theater of the city. The architectural style of the building is predominantly classic, the whole structure rests on 88 columns making the theater one of the best Russian architectural monuments.

  8. Sochi Art Museum

    This art gallery is located in the building constructed in the 1930s, which is of great cultural and historical importance. The first exhibition hall was opened in 1972. This lavish museum presents a collection of almost 5,000 pieces of art representing various epochs. Tourism in Sochi is unforgettable!

  9. Nikolai Ostrovskiy Literary Memorial Museum

    The house where this great writer lived was given to him by the Soviet government. A few months after his death this building was transformed into a museum for all the interested to get more familiar with his family, photos, and manuscripts. One more building was changed into the Literary Museum a few decades later.

  10. Summer House of Joseph Stalin

    It was one of Stalin’s residences. It was believed that the “father of nations” had a special love for his Sochi summer house as he enjoyed visiting the Black Sea coast area. The summer house looks very modest; it has no fountains or columns or sculptures since the Soviet leader had no affection for luxury.

  11. Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

    Sochi Aquarium is the largest aquarium located on a sea coast. It includes 30 aquariums with sea and freshwater dwellers. The Aquarium is situated in Riviera Park and has 200 species of fish (over 4,000 creatures). The Aquarium also offers scuba diving lessons with subsequent certification. After visiting the Aquarium, you can have fun in the Water Park of Sochi. Read more...

  12. Singing fountains

    Do you know where to relax in Sochi? Singing fountains are one of Sochi’s main places of interest. They are situated in the Olympic Park. Grandiose evening shows held in evening attract crowds of visitors. Special water equipment makes water cascades dance to the music accompaniment. Several dozens of powerful water cannons and light sources are operated by one computer.

  13. Matsesta

    The sculptural composition made in 1967 embodies vivifying properties of the nature and is represented by a young girl embracing a mountain. Numerous curative hydrosulfuric springs spouting out from underground encircle this sculpture. Mastesta is also the name of a balneological resort in Sochi well-known for its therapeutic muds.

  14. Dolmens

    Dolmens are monuments of ancient civilizations that are found in Greater Sochi. They were built approximately in III-II millennia b.c. It is believed that those stone structures were used for ritual and burial purposes. In total, there are around 200 dolmens in the area of Greater Sochi. Read more...

  15. Navalischenskoye Gorge

    This gorge is situated on the slopes of Akhun Mount, and river Khosta runs through the lower part of it. This place is a popular natural attraction. The slopes of this gorge are covered with relict plants – yew and box tress. There is a small mountain lake, a cave , and fancy rocks in the gorge. Visitors can walk through this area using a well-equipped tourist path.

  16. Vorontsov caves

    Vorontsov caves are karst formations in the mountains of the Vorontsov Ridge. These caves were thoroughly explored in the middle of XX century. Archeologists discovered hunting weapons, primitive tools, pottery fragments, and arrow heads that were used my prehistoric people. A tourist route was arranged in the caves by 2000 that allows safe visits of those natural attractions. Enjoy your Sochi travels! Read more...

  17. Tea-houses in Uch Dere

    The Sochi area can boast of tea plantations that are considered as the northermost in the world. A well-known Krasnodar Tea brand has been cultivated there since 1887. Visitors can try a wide variety of teas and also be a part of tea-making ceremony that includes musical instruments and the Russian samovar. You can have fun in Sochi.

  18. Trout farm in Adler

    This farm has been in operation since 1964 and is considered to be the largest farm of this type in Russia. Several species of trout, salmon, and starlet are grown there. The trout farm is so vast that it produces almost 90% of the Russian trout supply. Excursions in Sochi Adler are worth a visit.

  19. Agur Waterfalls

    These waterfalls are situated in the valley of river Khosta representing small cascades and rapids that dry out almost completely in the hot season. Waterfalls are situated at different heights, ranging from 5 to 18 meters. Read more...

  20. 33 waterfalls

    This natural attraction is located almost 2,000 meters above sea level in the valley of river Shakhe, in Dzhegosh gorge. This area is a part of the Sochi National Park. A cascade of 33 waterfalls is formed of several river rapids and small waterfalls with the height from 1.5 to 10.5 meters.

  21. Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

    It is an adventure park located in the mountains near Krasnaya Polyana. Its main attraction is Bungy jumping from the longest suspension bridge in the world (207 meters). This facility was built in co-operation with a company from New Zealand.

  22. Rosa Khutor Resort in Krasnaya Polyana

    It is a prestigious ski resort that was completely renovated by the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is viewed as the best Russian ski resort that has 77 kilometers of well-equipped slopes and runs. Architects thought though all details, and all villas, restaurants, apartments and shops create an organic architectural ensemble. Read more...