Visit Moscow with TARI TOUR, a city where tradition meets innovation and comfort. We’ll help you to book tickets and hotels, organize customized guided tours and update you on best tourist facilities Moscow can offer.

A city of rich history

In recent years, Moscow is becoming more and more popular in the foreign world. Founded back in the early 12th century, the proud capital of Russia, situated on the banks of the Moskva river, has gone a long way from a small town run but petty princes to an exuberant multination megalopolis. TARI TOUR offers you a wonderful opportunity to travel to Moscow and discover its treasures.

A city of many faces

Travel to Moscow, Russia, - a city just as diverse and colourful as the country itself. In a city where traditional overlaps with new, you will find a mixture of styles: admire fascinating Orthodox churches and cathedrals along with cozy 19th century mansions, solemn Stalin high-rises and minimalist Soviet art galleries. Moscow preserves and cherishes its historical monuments, such as the Red Square with the famous Kremlin and St. Bazil’s cathedral, while welcoming innovation. As foreign countries increase their presence in Russia economy, you can now enjoy global brands and your favourite services, while getting acquainted with culture and history. Today Moscow is at its rise, while undergoing a transformation to become a real world-class city for your comfort, so visiting Moscow is bound be become your number one tourist experience!

Ultimate tourist destination

Today Moscow travel is gaining recognition with people from all continents. The city has to offer high-class tourist facilities, such as museums and art galleries, monuments of classic and contemporary art, cafes and restaurants, hotels and night clubs. You can become part of the Muscovite lifestyle by booking a tour with TARI TOUR, your best Moscow travel guide.

And, certainly, the doors of all hotels, restaurants and cafes, night and sport clubs, numerous museums, galleries and theatres are open for you, and their staff is happy to welcome you. Visit Moscow in one day, or go for a longer stay – all you have to do is download our updated catalogue with flexible prices for best hotels and services to suit every taste. Take advantage of cross-cultural events and special offers, don’t miss it. Just tell us the number of people, staying night and approximate date of your visit, and we will find the best package for you.

We are pleased to present our Next edition of catalogue with the best prices for Moscow hotels and services, version of 15 JANUARY 2020 Please note that most of the hotels have special low weekend rates. Use the opportunity and try them! But in 2020 Moscow will be considered more business center than tourist city. It results in numerous Exhibition periods with special high rates. Group rates of the hotels are available upon request with specified dates and exact number of necessary rooms.

ALL rates are in EUR per room per night and include VAT. To obtain information about whether breakfast is included or not you can see in the column "Breakfast" We will be glad to receive your requests for booking hotels and other services in Moscow.

Please take into account that Excel File includes some Sheets.

"Index"marks the list of the hotels and their websites - click the name of the hotel and you will be forwarded to its table with rates on the Pricing Sheet:

  • "Moscow-FIT" - FIT rates of some hotels in Moscow
  • "Moscow-Transfers" - our prices for transport services for fit and groups
  • "Moscow-Excursions" - our prices of some museums and excursions
  • Use "Index" Sheet to search necessary information in the catalogue easier

To download the catalogue, click the link below and save the file on your computer for further reference:

Moscow-2020, Moscow hotel's prices - 15 January 2020 version

We will continue to update our catalogue and will always inform you about new editions and special offers.