Baikal is the deepest and truly the most beautiful lake in the world!

The ancient lake of Baikal is famous for its magical atmosphere. Baikal tourism is popular because many people are willing to enjoy this natural marvel. Baikal tours in English should make you consider experiencing this journey too if you are going to travel to Russia!

Enjoy having a trek along the shoreline of the lake, boating on the lake; explore the Old Railway with 39 tunnels that runs 86 km along the Baikal shore!

In winter the Baikal Lake nature is really wonderful!

The ancient nations living here have preserved their traditions and customs since Pre-Cossack times. Tourists can experience them with their own eyes on their Baikal tour traveling.

NEW PROJECT: GREAT JEEP TOUR, which connects two great lakes of the region - two "brothers" - Baikal Lake in Russia and Huvsgul in Mongolia.

It includes real adventures for lovers of wild nature, camping and off-road driving.

Baikal tours route is:

  • (Moscow)
  • Irkutsk (2 days with Baikal shore)
  • Jeeping in Baikal West side (3 days)
  • Irkutsk
  • Mondy (crossing the border) - Huvsgul Lake (2 days) - Amusement on the lake (1 day)
  • Huvsgul-Kyahta-Ulan-Ude (3 days)
  • Irkutsk
  • Moscow

Most nights during the tour are spent in tents. At Huvsgul – in national gers. Visit to Ulan Baator is optional.

Details of Baikal tourism – upon request in our Baikal travel guide.