Antivirus actions

Antivirus actions

 Dear friends!

Tari Tour, being member of GPN (Global Passenger Network, http://gpn.travel ) joined to GPN Sanitary Protocol with the minimum measures taken in view in the next phase of Covid-19.

In view of the current world health pandemic and the restart of coach transportation in many areas of the world GPN members have developed a series of minimum standards for passenger and employee health based upon industry principles. 

We are aware that additional measures dependent upon local regulation in individual member countries will add to these minimum standards. 

To learn more about the GPN Passenger Health Safety Protocol, here is uplouded PDF file with Sanitary Protocol

We are here to follow international trends of life and operation.

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Dear friends!

We would like to share with you the follow information:

As the summer is approaching, we can not resist fancying how we will re-start our operation in the nearest months!

Given the current global health protection challenge against the Coronavirus, we believe many travelers are thinking twice about planning a holiday or are worried about their planned holidays. 

In the new Post-pandemic circumstances of our life, it will be utterly important to give special attention to protection of our valuable clients !

With over 25 years of impeccable expertise in the Incoming travel industry, TARI TOUR has always focused our efforts on providing  the client-oriented service.

Protecting the health & safety of our tourists has always been and remains one of the Top priorities for us!

First of all, from Day1 of  tour, all guests will be provided with earphones and receivers to let them keep social distancing and hear the guide’s explanations properly.


We would like to ensure you that we carefully approach the selection of restaurants and other food facilities and choose those only which 100% satisfy the Hygiene & Sanitary requirements, complying with the new anti-virus regulations in Russia.

In order to enhance the hygiene protection in the coaches, we have agreed on implementing the following steps :

1)    All vehicles will undergo a daily deep cleansing inside (with antiviral and antibacterial chemicals) before leaving the garage for a day work

Antivirus cleaning coach.jpg

Antivirus cleaning coach 2.jpg

2)    All drivers undertake a morning medical checkup before start of their work shift (checking body temperature, blood pressure and any possible symptoms of Covid19  and similar illness).  In case of symptoms, driver is suspended from work.

3)    All vehicles will have hand sanitizers and antibacterial wet tissues.  

4)    All Drivers and Guides will be supplied with disposable face masks to use whenever need at crowded places. 

Antivirus Driver in mask.jpg

5)    All Guests will be given disposal face masks to use in case they agree to do so.

In addition to above, we would like to inform you that recently in Russia the standards for all accommodation facilities (hotels, hostels etc.)  have been updated according to the current epidemiological situation, and our staff will carefully check the hotels for 100% compliance with them.

The government and authorities are learning more about Coronavirus as every day passes and we are continuing to adapt and make the changes needed to our own operation. 

We will keep you updated with any changes that we are making to our operation.

You can inform your potential customers accordingly and hope it will help to convince them to travel to Russia.

Of course when borders are opened and flights will start operate again.

Take care and keep healthy!

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