Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre
Address: building # 2, 65 - 66 km of MKAD, P.O. Krasnogorsk-4, Moscow region, 143400
Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 727-25-82 +7 (495) 727-25-82 , 727-26-31

Crocus Expo Exhibition Center is located on the Moscow City Ring Road at the intersection with the Volokolamsk highway. The Exhibition Center is a part of Crocus City Trade and Exhibition Business Center. Exhibition center Crocus Expo (comprises 4 pavilions with total area 43,900 square metes).

Crocus Expo Exhibition Center is designed to hold international trade expositions with participation of Russian and foreign companies. It is located close to Moscow’s thruways (20-25 min drive from Moscow city center). Shuttles from the nearest metro station will transfer exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition area. Among the other advantages of the project are 3000 parking lots and the immediate neighborhood of the two popular trade centers envisaged for offering maximum assortment of goods.

Crocus Expo Center start to be second greatest place for fairs in Moscow.
You can see a lot of information at its site: Crocus Expocenter

Calendar of main events at this place is here: Fairs at Crocus

Two great news!

  • Metro station at the Crocus Center - Miakinino, safe your time!
  • Hotel at Crocus Center - Aquarium