Tours to GUM, the Greatest Department Store of Soviet Moscow

Tours to GUM, the Greatest Department Store of Soviet Moscow

It was Catherine the Great, who decided to build a huge trade center located along the eastern part of the Red Square. Giacomo Quarenghi, a well-known Italian architect, created the construction in compliance with the Empress’s order, but the store was lost in the fire of 1812. Later, it was replaced by the building designed by Joseph Bove. The trading mall was reconstructed in the 1890s by Alexander Pomerantsev and Vladimir Shukhov. Book a private tour to GUM in Moscow – and you’ll surely enjoy its unique Pseudo-Russian architecture.


What Is Special about Russia’s Greatest Trade Center

When in GUM, you can do the following:

  • Stroll along a great Soviet-style grocery shop located at the east side of the building. Here, you can obtain all sorts of foods and drinks, including the ones that were sold here in the epoch of USSR. The store is open 24/7.
  • Visit as many as 200 different shops. During your individual and group tours to GUM in Moscow, you’ll get an excellent opportunity to buy whatever you need, from expensive top brand garments to common consumer goods.
  • Dine at a Soviet-style canteen situated at the top floor of GUM. It is known as ‘Stolovaya N10’ and here you can enjoy traditional Russian borsch, pelmeni, blini and a variety of other dishes that you’ll hardly find elsewhere.
  • Enjoy the unique architecture of the building. When you visit GUM, Moscow you plunge into the amazing atmosphere of Soviet-style life. In this three-level, glass-roofed construction, you’ll found small interior gardens and flower-beds, as well as an impressive central fountain.
  • Attend interesting exhibitions and presentations.GUM is not only a world-known trade center, but also a popular museum. Its guests are offered a wide range of entertainment and educational programs of all types.

If you want to travel to GUM Department Store with a private guide, who will acquaint you with the history of the place and help with shopping, please, contact the managers of Tari Tour. We’ll do our best to organize every step of your trip to this magnificent city. Our phone number is +7-495-777-90-15.

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