At LAKE BAIKAL (4 days, 3 nights)

At LAKE BAIKAL (4 days, 3 nights)

Irkutsk– Listvyanka – Irkutsk
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1 day

Arrive to Irkutsk*

Meeting upon arrival

City tour of Irkutsk*: visit Church of the Savior, war memorial, Angara river embankment, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign, Monument to the Emperor Alexander III on the embankment.

* On Siberian map Irkutsk appeared in the middle of the XVII century. Irkutsk has a great number of monuments of wooden architecture. There are about 500 architectural monuments in the city, among which historically constructed ensembles are depicted. The greatest interest has the ancient part of the city including Church of the Savior and Znameniye Cathedral

2 day

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to Listvyanka*

Stop at the museum of Wooden Architecture en route**

Lunch at a local restaurant. With traditional Baikal food

Listvyanka city-tour: Visit Baikal Museum* with the aquarium with Baikal fish and freshwater seals - Nerpas, Shaman Rock**, St. Nicholas church and a Fish Market.

* Listvyanka is the village in the South-West of lake Baikal. The village dates back to 1701, when it became one of the first settlements of Russian people on the shores of Baikal. The image of the port village of Listvyanka was changed in the end of 19 century in connection with the construction of Tran-Siberian railroad. Today, the majority of population in Listvyanka is involved in tourism.

* On the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Taltsi" territory there are 13 architectural complexes with 36 wooden buildings. Some of them have exhibits which can help you understand the agricultural and cultural peculiarities of Transbaikal people of XIX-XX centuries.

*** Baikal museum is a splendid museum where different material evidences, exhibits, in short all the information about lake Baikal is kept, studied and exhibited: origin of the lake; representatives of the endemic flora and fauna from the surface of the lake to the maximum depth; excellent model of the bed of Baikal.

**** Shaman Rock is a natural boundary between the deepest lake in the world and the only river that flows out of the lake - the Angara river. Many local legends are attributed to this place. The rock is believed to be the house of one of the Buryat gods.

3 day

Breakfast at the hotel

Enjoy a morning trip to Chercky ski-lift to the observation platform with a view on the The Circumbaikal Railroad*

Transfer to Irkutsk.

An opportunity to explore the dacha garden and kitchen garden, to learn about the agriculture in Siberia and to try home-made preserves and pastry.

Decembrist’s House Museum***

* The Circumbaikal Railroad “a golden buckle on a silver belt of Russia,” is an outstanding landmark to the construction and engineering art. It was built around the south of Lake Baikal more than a hundred years ago to bridge two ends of Trans-Siberian Railroad. It contains 40 tunnels and 16 separate galleries, 470 viaducts, bridges and pipes. Apart from that there are about 280 separate complexes of supporting walls for different purposes. In the background one can see breathtaking huge capes and cliffs, picturesque valley of the rivers. No doubt, the tunnels and the galleries are the most impressive and tremendous amongst the engineering constructions of the Old Railroad.

** The Shugantsev family lives 20 km from Irkutsk city center towards Listvyanka, in a nice forest area. The couple and their son run a beautiful wooden house and a big garden with goose farm and apiary. All buildings are constructed by themselves.

*** Decembrist House Museum is connected with the family of Sergey Volkonsky, one of the Decembrists leaders. They lived for 30 years in Siberia, 17 of them they had been living in Irkutsk in this house. Original things of the Volkonsky family and other Decembrists are kept in the museum.

4 day

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to the airport

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