Tourism in Russia

Where to go in Russia?

Russia is a country with many beautiful nature places, most of which a lot of people have never even heard of. City and town landscapes along with the breathtaking views of the lakes, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls – there is enough of all of that to see when travelling to Russia. Inner tourism as well as international tourism is growing, making Russia one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Tourist attractions in Russia

There are well-established tourist routes in Russia, which are attractive and affordable for the most tourists coming to the country. The destinations on these routes in general have, apart from a number of well-known tourist attractions, a good infrastructure for tourism with accommodation, restaurants and souvenir shops. The most popular itineraries in Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, Sochi, Baikal Lake, Kamchatka, Central Asia region and Mount Elbrus.

Tours to Russia

There are many sights, restaurants, museums, and interesting spots in the cities all around Russia, which are definitely worth visiting. Tourism organizations and agencies help visitors plan the travels around these principal routes depending on the duration of the trip and personal preferences.

The Central Federal District, the historical core of Russia, has the highest concentration of kremlins, including the kremlins in Moscow, Tula, Kolomna, Ryazan and Smolensk. The Central Federal District also offers one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia - the Golden Ring of ancient Russia cities.

St. Petersburg is visited by the highest number tourists and features the world-famous museum Hermitage, famous theaters including Mariinsky, churches such as Saint Isaac's Cathedral and Church of the Savior on Blood, the impressive fortification Peter and Paul Fortress, the beautiful Palace Square and Nevsky Prospect. The city is also rich in history, having served as the capital of the Russian Empire. Many people coming to St Petersburg also visit its suburbs, including Peterhof, Pushkin, Gatchina and Pavlovsk, which were once imperial residences.

A number of destinations represent the nature gems of Russia, including Sochi, known for its beaches and wonderful nature, the world’s deepest Lake Baikal, named the Blue Eye of Siberia, Kamchatka with its volcanoes and geysers and others.

Is it safe to travel to Russia?

It is always a better option to rely on a trusted travel agency for planning your trip to Russia to make your visits trouble-free, so you will experience no difficulties during your stay.

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