The ascent of Elbrus

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Mount Elbrus is an amazing place that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Along with natural attractions and beauties of the nature tourists can enjoy the benefits of infrastructure that make your visits absolutely comfortable. Experience a great sport of climbing Elbrus!

Being the highest peak of Russia and Europe, the ascent of Mount of Elbrus offers unforgettable experience to all categories of visitors. Those that enjoy comfortable travels and prefer not to walk long distances can have great time in comfortable hotels and buses while seeing all the beauties of the Caucasus Mountains on bus tours. Rest in the Elbrus region with Tari Tour.

Adventure-loving tourists can have fun while getting the most of walking tours and climbing mountain slopes. Just let us know that you are in need of a trained Russian travel guide and tell us where you want to go.

We invite our visitors to travel with children since we work with ski resorts in the Elbrus area that have the amenities for all age groups to enjoy. Give your children a great tour, spend time with them on Elbrus tour!

Elbrus tour – private tourism

As a cutting-edge tourist company, Tari Tour will take care of putting together all of your vacation plans and programs and will help you live up to your goals and expectations of traveling to Mount Elbrus. Tari Tour is an experienced tourist company that operates in many regions of Russia. We offer extremely comfortable tours that are individually hand-picked for each client. Your tour program will include only those points that you have selected. Private tourism in Elbrus area is unforgettable!

Although all tourist agencies offer basic services such as shuttle or private transfers to/from airports, hotel accommodation, tours to places of interest, guide services in Russia, etc, we take pride in our personal interest in each and every client, catering to his/her needs, and custom-tailoring our clients’ travel programs in accordance with their desires or goals. As a tourist agency, we are absolutely flexible to meet all your expectations!

Whether it is private tourism or you wat to have a visit to Elbrus with a tour group, whether you need to book a hotel in Elbrus or rent a villa, or you need to hire a guide for individual excursions, we can arrange it for you at any time. In everything we do, we aspire to provide excellency and ultimate satisfaction to our clients.

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10 Natural attractions of the Elbrus region

Tari Tour prides in its experience of arranging quality tours. We offer tours to Russian Elbrus in small groups or you can have private tours in Elbrus area. From the list of tourist attractions below, you can select those that you are interested in visiting and let us know. Come and see the sights in Elbrus area!

  1. Mount Elbrus

    Mount Elbrus is the giant of the Caucasus Mountains ranking the 10th highest peak in the world and highest in Russia and in Europe. It is a dormant volcano that has two summits – Eastern (5,621 m) and Western (5,642 m). For this reason, Mount Elbrus is often called as the “two-headed mountain”. Tourism in the Elbrus area is an amazing experience!

  2. Baksan Gorge

    The Baksan Gorge is the longest gorge of the Central part of the Caucasian Mountains. This gorge stretches from Nalchik, capital city of Kabardino-Balkaria, to Mount Elbrus and has an asphalt road running through it for 130 kilometers. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the gorge that include river Baksan, steep slopes, and pine forests.

  3. Mount Cheget

    Even though this mountain is situated near Mount Elbrus, it offers quite different views. Unlike snow-covered Elbrus, it has bright colors of nature that change as you climb higher. Cheget (3,700 m) is a well-known ski resort hat is especially popular with free riders.

  4. Narzan Valley

    This valley is famous for its 17 mineral water springs. Due to high concentration of iron in water, the territories adjacent to the springs are orange in color. The valley is situated at the height of 1,000 m and has very mild climate and an abundance of sunny days. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains with rich vegetation.

  5. Chegem Waterfalls

    Chegem waterfalls are a unique natural sanctuary located in a picturesque gorge. The group of waterfalls includes three large and many small streams. The most powerful and largest waterfall called Adai-Su is 30 meters in height. In winter, Chegem waterfalls form many ice columns that transform rocks into masterpieces.

  6. Blue Lakes

    Blue Lakes are another natural attraction that are situated in the Cherek Gorge. In total, there are five lakes in the area. They are karst lakes formed in the result of the collapse of subterranean caves. The Lower Blue Lake (Tserik-Kel) is believed to be the most picturesque among the five lakes.

  7. Baksan River

    Baksan River starts in the glaciers of Mount Elbrus. It runs through the Baksan Gorge as a rapid stream producing a lot of noise as it goes down the gorge. On its way, the river overcomes rapids and overturns huge stones, offering quite a display for visitors. Visit all the attractions in Elbrus area!

  8. Emmanuel Glade in Dzhyly Su

    Almost two centuries ago, this glade in the Valley of Dzhyly Su was the starting point of expedition that made the first ascent of Mount Elbrus. Russian General Emmanuel based his camp on this glade, and to this day, this place situated at 2,530 m, serves as the base for mountain climber camps. Make your visit to Elbrus great!

  9. The Waterfall of Girl’s Braids

    This beautiful and powerful waterfall is the attraction of the southern slope of Terskol Peak, one of Elbrus spurs. Melting Gara Bashi glacier feeds this waterfall with clean water. Many thin streams running down over rocks polished by the glacier resemble the hair of a girl.

  10. Semerka Glacier

    The Main Caucasus Ridge can compete with the Alps in the number of glaciers and their sizes. One of the most famous glacier is called Semerka (Seven) as it looks like number 7 from a distance. It is one of the most picturesque places in the area of Mount Elbrus that visitors can see from the mountain slopes.

On the roof of Europe – STANDARD PROGRAM

Great opportunity to get the overlook of the Great Caucasus from the summit of the European high point (5642m)

Standard program of climbing or ski-touring Elbrus from South, by classical route.



1 day

Arrival to Moscow. Meeting, transfer to the hotel. Accommodation is in the hotels «Cosmos» ****, "Izmailovo" ***, DBL, BB. Free time. Optional excursion.

2 day

Transfer to the airport "Domodedovo". Flight to Mineralny Vody (S7 1213, at 12.40). Arrival in Mineralny Vody and transfer to the Baksan valley (~4hs). Accommodation is in the hotel "Azau", DBL, BB. Walks.

3 day

Day of acclimatization. After breakfast in the hotel transfer to Cheget (5-20 min), acclimatization ascent of the shoulder of the peak Cheget-bashi (app 3500m, ~4hs with stops for rest and lunch). Transfer back to the hotel.

4 day

Day of acclimatization. After breakfast in the hotel drive to valley Adil-Su. Acclimatization ski-touring or climbing peak Andyrchi, or Kurmychi or to the plateau Kashkatash (3800m) by glacier Kashkatash. Group decide with the guide which route to use depending on weather and snow conditions. Return to the hotel by transport.

5 day

Taking a cable-car for transportation to the station “Mir” (3500m). Acclimatization walk to the base “Bochki” (3800m) (“Bochki” is a iron houses in the view of big tanks for oil, for 4-8 persons) or the place where fired “Refuge of 11” stood (2-3 hs of a pleasant walk along the slopes of Elbrus). Overnight at the base “Bochki” or at the refuge "Diesel Hut" at the place of "Refuge of 11". FB.

6 day

Acclimatization walk to Pastukhova Rocks (app 4800m, 4-5 hs with stops). Overnight at the base “Bochki” or "Diesel Hut". FB

7 day

Early morning (at 3-4 o`clock am) start to ascend of the peak Elbrus, its Eastern summit (5621m). If the weather and physical conditions of the members of the group allow climbing Western summit, it is possible to. Descent to the base “Bochki” or "Diesel Hut". The whole climbing takes approximately 8-9 hours. Overnight is either at the base “Bochki” or "Diesel Hut" or in the hotel.
Optional: having the overnight in the tent camp at the altitude of 4200m (near Refuge of 11) or to be transported to the altitude of 4600m by ratruck.

8-9 day

Reserve days. During reserve days group is accommodated in the hotel or in the base “Bochki” and has nice and interesting treks in the valleys of the tributaries of the Baksan river or on the slopes of Elbrus.

10 day

Transfer to the airport Mineralny Vody and flight to Moscow. Meeting in Moscow and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation is in the hotels “Cosmos”, "Izmailovo" DBL, BB.

11 day

Transfer to the airport and seeing off.



Prices are given in EUR, RUB per pax.         

Group of





Package price, EUR

1 516

1 388

1 334

1 364

Package price, RUB

106 248

97 264

93 052

95 392

Package prices of tour include transport, accommodation, guide(s), cook for high mountain part, cable car tickets, full board in the mountains, border permissions, and Moscow part (accommodation and transfers).

Ask more information by email levmar@tari.ru

Additional costs:

  1. Flight Moscow-Min Vody-Moscow is not included. At the moment – 305 EUR (23 790 RUB) return ticket
  2. SGL supplement for the hotel accommodation in Moscow and in Baksan Valley is: 180 EUR (14 040 RUB) per pax. (SGL supplement in Bochki or in Diesel Hut is not possible)
  3. Ratruck for luggage Station MIR-Generator, Generator-Station MIR - 300 EUR (21 600 RUB) oneway for the group
  4. Ratruck for the group Generator-Pastukhova Rocks - 500 EUR (35 500 RUB) oneway for the group
  5. National Park fee - 30 EUR (2 340 RUB) per pax
  6. Extra transfer by car in Moscow with assistant - 85 EUR (6 630 RUB) oneway for car with assistant
  7. Tips for guide and staff (cooker, additional guides, drivers)

Additional programs:

  1. Walks, trek tours and climbing in Elbrus region.
  2. Ascent of Elbrus from the East (Achkoriakolsky lava flow), and the North (Valley Jilisu with warm Narzan springs and bathes) with or without porters - From the foot of Elbrus by yourself!!!
Route by the Northern slope of Elbrus is first-climbing route to the East Summit of Elbrus done by kabardinean porter Kilar Khashirov in the frame of the expedition of General Emmanuel in 1829.

North Prielbrusie is not so well known region as South side of it. It is due to lack of roads and infrastructure here. During last one-two years locals start to build here some hotels, start to come to civilization - and that’s due to famous mineral springs on the glade Jilisu, known as all-diseases curing water "Narzan". You can bath in the pool with water (gurgling like in jacuzzi) and cure all your sickness.

On the Northern slope of Elbrus there is one hut, not so big, so we should take the tents for accommodation during climbing. Route of climbing is not difficult technically, but long and hard physically. So it is for well trained climbers, having ice, snow technique.


by Achkoriakosly lava flow



1 day

Arrival to Moscow. Meeting, transfer to the hotel. Accommodation is in the hotels «Cosmos» ****, "Izmailovo", ***, DBL, BB. Free time. Optional excursion.

2 day

Transfer to the airport "Domodedovo". Flight to Mineralny Vody (#1213, at 12.40). Arrival in Mineralny Vody and transfer to the Baksan valley (~4hs). Accommodation is in the hotel "Azau", DBL, FB. Walks.

3 day

Transfer to the settlement Elbrus (20 km down of Baksan river) and start of trek to the pass Irikchat. This day we go along river and canyon of river Irik to the junction with its tributary Irikchat (appr 12 km, 3000m). Camp.

4 day

Continue trek to the pass Irikchat (8 km, 3850m) from which we can enjoy the great view of Eastern Ridge – Achkoriakolsky Lawa Flow – and crater. And then via snow field to the campsite "Zamok" ("Castle") on the lower part of the ridge. Camp.

5 day

Acclimatization walk to the crater. Camp at "Zamok"

6 day

Climbing with all equipment to the crater and making a camp "Crater" (4800m).

7 day

Climbing over the crater to the campsite "Under the Top" (appr 5500m). If lucky and weather and health conditions allow – you can conquer the summit and start the descent. Great opportunity to have a night on the top of the summit and watch the sunrise from the roof of the world! or on the saddle between to heads of Elbrus

8 day

If you have a camp "Under the top" you can reach the summit early morning (appr 20 min from the campsite) and observe surroundings from the roof of the world. Great moment of your life! Descent to the saddle and further to the cable station "Mir". Taking a cable car to the station cable station "Azau" in the Baksan valley. End of adventures.

9-10 day

Reserve days. You can spend them to wait good weather. But if you lucky and weather conditions allow you to climb the top according to plans – you can have an additional nights on the slope of great Elbrus or have a walks in Elbrus region and Baksan tributary valleys.

11 day

Transfer to the airport Mineralny Vody and flight to Moscow. Meeting in Moscow and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation is in the hotels “Cosmos”, "Izmailovo", DBL, BB.

12 day

Transfer to the airport and seeing off.

Prices of such tour could be discussed for each group, because some different variants are possible (additional days for trekking, visit valley Jilisu on the North, etc.).

Ask more information by email levmar@tari.ru

Ski tour in March and May - proposed dates 15.03-27.03 and 24.04-30.05. The same itinerary, but we offer a ski tour instead of climbing. During reserve days you may have nice and interesting skiing down the slopes of Cheget and Elbrus.


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