Golden Ring of Russia


The Golden Ring of Russia is a ring of cities northeast of Moscow. These ancient towns preserve their unique historical and cultural heritage. It is one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations among Russian provinces.

The Golden Ring of Russia

The cities of the Golden Ring of Russia make up a symbolic circle, with each city being remarkable for its rich history and attractions. Together they have been called “open-air museums”, a visual encyclopedia of ancient architecture presenting the treasures of Russian culture. An evident advantage of tours in the Golden Ring compared to other destinations is their unique ability to be attractive for visitors all year around. When travelling around the Golden Ring you will certainly discover something new and fascinating during any season of the year!

The Golden Ring of Russia is composed of the eight principal ancient towns around Moscow: Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky, Peresslavl Zalessky and Sergiev Posad. The rest of towns such as Plyos, Uglich, Myshkin etc. have not been officially recognized as part of the Golden Ring. Vladimir, the former capital of mediaeval Russia, has been chosen the capital of the Golden Ring and opens the tour.

If you want to have a relaxing break away from the busy city life, you can also spend the night in these towns. The Golden Ring destinations have hotels and other accommodation, as well as small restaurants and cafes.

Some of the cities are connected by ferry, so you can even enjoy cruises around the Golden Ring. However, consider cruises as a seasonal option and pay attention to the ferry schedule changes.

Cities of Golden Ring are amazing, unforgettable and admirable with their inimitable beauty. Tours to Golden Ring guarantee you positive emotions, memories of unspoiled rural landscapes and pleasant travel experience!

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