GPN - Global Passenger Network

GPN - Global Passenger Network

GPN’s objective is to be the leading international organization in the field of surface quality passenger transportation, assuring its clients elevated benchmarks of safety, quality and service in all its member countries around the world. Through its high standards, GPN strives to promote the motor coach industry as a viable and ecological alternative to private car use.


GPN is the first international passenger transportation organization renowned among the first-class national motor coach networks or private companies. The network includes one organization from each country which is distinguished by the highest quality service and safety standarts.

The members of GPN are well experienced in all types of bus services: airport transfers, events transportation, tours of short and long duration, employee shuttles, transportation for sports teams, and much more. Member companies of GPN are qualified in what they do that is achieved by the combination of experience, professionalism and responsibility to guarantee the best travel service. GPN members work together to insure the best service of safety and quality standarts is delivered all over the world.

To join GPN, a company must meet strict service, safety and operational requirements. It is mandatory for all the members to be able to offer high quality service in all regions of their countries.

Tari Tour was the only company chosen for processing its prospective membership in GPN and, in April 2009, was admitted as a member of GPN.

Russian page  at GPN Official website.

GPN’s members meet every 6 months in the General Meetings. There are two General Meetings held per year: one in Spring time and the other in Automn time. It is expected that a representative from each country be in attendance at each meeting, that lasts 2 days.
Every meeting is held in a different country and the local member hosts each meeting.

Next General Meeting will take place in Lyon, from 29th to 30th October, where SayBus by Renuir, French member of GPN (https://gpn.travel/france/) will prepare a great program for all GPN’s members.

Past meetings ...

We obviously are very proud of be part of this organization and the many friends who have joined together in this industry of ours with the aim to promote our businesses, best practices techniques and establish long lasting relationships.

The Network as a trade association has as its primary objective the promoting, improving, and serving the motorcoach industry around the world, particularly within countries and regions where its members are located, as well as educating the consumer public regarding the availability, benefits and use of motorcoach services.

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