Visiting the Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Sochi

Visiting the Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Sochi

Krasnodar Region is known for its rich nature. Beautiful waterfalls, enriching the sceneries of this welcoming land, deserve your special attention. If you want to book a journey through the waterfalls in Sochi with a guide, turn to the specialists of Tari Tour. We’ll offer you the most interesting route, organize your accommodation, and provide you with an experienced native guide. With our inviting company, every travel turns into a fantastic adventure, safe and smooth, but very entertaining!

Waterfalls of Sochi

Sochi Waterfalls

Waterfalls are probably the most fascinating part of Sochi’s scenery. High, quick, impressively beautiful, they have their own atmosphere and character. This is why more and more tourists select walking and bus tours with excursions to the Eagle Rock and the Agur Waterfalls with the best guide from Tari Tour. Our native specialist will pick up the most convenient route to the chosen place and acquaint you with its detailed history.

Every Sochi waterfall has its unique way of development. We’ll tell you about the most interesting of them:

  • Agura Falls and Eagle Rocks. Situated in central Sochi, this waterfall system includes a number of separate falls, the height of which reaches 30 meters and even more. When guests explore the Agur waterfalls in Sochi with a guide, they become fascinated by the beauty of their dark caves, small lakes, and the statue of Prometheus, who, according to the legends, was enchained right here.
  • Azhek Falls. It’s the cascade of falls on the tributary of the Sochi River. In order to visit these beautiful waterfalls in Sochi with a guide, you’ll have to take a 6 km long walk through the forest from the village of Orekhovka. But it’s really worth the trouble – the Azhek Falls are never fully in the sun, this is why they have a unique color scheme and out-of-this-world atmosphere.
  • Mamedovo Gorge. Located in the Sochi National Park, between Asheisky and Bezymyanny mountain ranges, this waterfall meets numerous guests with centuries-old oaks, chestnuts, and ferns, as well as crystal-clear, shining waters.
Waterfalls of Sochi

If you want to book a tour to Agursky waterfall in Sochi, Russia, as well as other falls of this picturesque region, please, contact Tari Tour at +7 495 777 90 15.

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