Enjoy an Individual Tour to Mount Akhun, Sochi

Enjoy an Individual Tour to Mount Akhun, Sochi

What is special about Mount Akhun? Actually, it’s a unique karst massif with about 20 caves and a picturesque forest on its foot. The height of the mountain reaches 663 meters, which makes it the peak point of the coast and the best place to enjoy the views of Sochi. This is why individual and group tours to Mount Akhun are so popular among the clients of Tari Tour. Being an inviting company, we try our best to make your vacation in Russia as exciting as possible. Contact us right now – and we’ll offer you the most attractive conditions for visiting Sochi.

Individual Tour to Mount Akhun

Why Travel to Mount Akhun?

  • The first thing people see when approaching this place is the majestic Observation Tower constructed in the Romanesque style. This 100-foot-tall building is made from limestone ashlar. It opens a breathtaking view of Sochi seaside, as far as to the towns of Gagra and Pitsunda.
  • One more point of interest here is the ruins of a Middle-Age Christian church, situated near the smaller peak. The atmosphere of olden times will impress even experienced travelers.
  • Here, you can also see the mysterious caves, created by Mother Nature and bearing the status of ‘terra incognita’ for many scientists.
  • When travelling to Mount Akhun, you can buy local hand-made souvenirs, ride a donkey, and taste the tea and honey sold by the natives. At the foot of the mountain, there is the Sputnik Hotel.
  • There are many interesting traditions connected with this place. For instance, when getting marries the men of Caucasian descent have to carry their brides to the top of the Akhun. This challenge is no less difficult than walking to the roof of a 10-floor block of flats.
Individual Tour to Mount Akhun

As you see, this mountain deserves your attention more anything else, especially if you’re going to spend your vacation in Sochi. Contact the specialists of Tari Tour, and they’ll be happy to make your tour to Mount Akhun with a private guide as exciting as possible. Our phone number is +7 495 777 90 15. You can also fill in a request form on our website or leave your telephone and we’ll call you back.

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