Individual and Group Tours to Sochi Art Museum

Individual and Group Tours to Sochi Art Museum

Constructed in 1936 as an administrative building, Sochi Art Museum is now one of the most scenic landmarks of the city. Its architecture reflects the style of the Stalinist era with its minimalistic, yet bright shaping and plenty of light. The specialists of Tari Tour are always ready to organize your tour to Art Museum in Sochi, from booking of tickets to hiring a native guide.

Individual and Group Tours to Sochi Art Museum

The latter will tell you about all the parts of this cultural heritage object, including the art exhibition and the collection of ancient artefacts. In this material, we’ll describe the most interesting aspects of this palace.

Why Travel to Sochi Art Museum?

To see the masterpieces of the country’s greatest artists. The palace displays a very rich collection of Russian paintings, including the ones authored by Ivan Shishkin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Valentin Serov, Boris Kustodiev, and many others. Wonderful landscapes and seascapes will allow nobody to stay indifferent.

To witness the Mzymta Treasure. It’s a large collection of iron, bronze, silver, and gold weapons, belonging to the era of Ancient Greece and Sarmatia. The artefacts were unearthed by the River Mzymta in Western Caucasus in 1997 and became the pride of the museum.

To enjoy the beauty of pieces of art created by little-known, yet talented artists. There are several collections of painting belonging to beginners, and people say that some of the works displayed here are really the bomb.

Individual and Group Tours to Sochi Art Museum

It’s interesting to note that the museum provides its guests with an English audio guide, which is very comfortable for those who prefer to travel by themselves. Here, you can also see the collection of books written by the Director of the palace Pyotr Khrisanov and buy some souvenirs at the small shop. You’ll never forget your visit to Sochi Art Museum, with its laconic halls and bright pieces of art, hospitable guides and cold metal weapons, as well as the exciting interactive game that lets everyone get right into the picture he likes.

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