Individual Tours to Winter Theatre in Sochi

Individual Tours to Winter Theatre in Sochi

Winter Theatre is righteously considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Sochi. Its architectural style belongs to Neoclassicism, with its massive columns and ornate cornices. The interior of the building is no less impressive: you’ll enjoy the magnificent golden pillars and the majestic chandelier in the central hall. The architecture of this landmark is not the only reason why people from all over the world travel to Winter Theatre on a daily basis – we are ready to tell you about the rest of them right now.

Individual Tours to Winter Theatre in Sochi

History and Architecture of Winter Theatre

The building was constructed in 1937 by the project of architect K. Chernopyatov. The 88 columns surrounding the theatre create the unique Corinth-style composition, so rare for the country. The three female figures, symbolizing the goddesses of Art, Architecture, and Sculpture, were authored by V. Mukhina. Take a personal tour to Winter Theatre, and you’ll see that its hall can accept more than 900 guests, and it’s always filled to capacity. From the date of its construction, this charming building has always been very popular with both Sochi residents and the guests of the resort. Despite the fact that the city doesn’t have a theatre group of its own, this very place houses the local philharmonic society and hosts a variety of annual cultural events.

Individual Tours to Winter Theatre in Sochi

Tours to Winter Theatre: Enjoy the Performances and Festivals

We’ve selected some of the most exciting cultural events held in this hall:

  • Sochi International Winter Arts Festival with awesome opera, classical and ballet performances, jazz concerts and modern music shows.
  • Kinotavr, the country’s greatest film festival, attended by the greatest actors and movie directors from all over the Globe.
  • Club of the Funny and Inventive, a famous international humor competition highly loved by Russians of all ages.
  • Numerous musical and theatrical festivals, such as Crescendo, Theatre Olympus, and others.

In order to see the unique majesty of this landmark, as well as attend some of these cultural events, order a private or group tour to Winter Theatre in Sochi with a private guide from Tari Tour via +7 495 777 90 15.

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