Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi Invites You to Experience Unforgettable Times

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi Invites You to Experience Unforgettable Times

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi was founded in 2014 with the assistance of Alan Hackett, the world-known extreme sportsman and bungy jumper. Located in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana, in 17 km from the railroad terminal in Adler, this place fascinates its guests with the whole range of extreme entertainments and adventures. Only few countries in the world can boast of similar parks, including China, Germany, and France.

Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

In order to spend an unforgettable vacation in Sochi and travel to Skypark AJ Hackett, contact the specialists of Tari Tour. We’ll be happy to organize your transportation and accommodation at the Krasnaya Polyana apart-hotel, as well as the recreational activities according to your personal preferences.

The 5 Best Things to Do in Your Tours to Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi

Once in this wonderful place, don’t lose an opportunity to do the following:

  1. Walk along the SkyBridge. Being one of the longest suspension footbridges in the world, it opens a breathtaking view on Mzimta River and the endless Caucasus Mountains. The length of this construction is over 400 meters and its altitude above the ground reaches 207 meters. The SkyBridge is the best place to conquer your fears, by all means!
  2. Jump on the bungy. When you visit Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi, you get a perfect opportunity to jump from two different platforms – with the height of 69 and 207 meters. “It’s like plunging into the abyss and ‘coming up’ as an absolutely different person,” this is what people tell about this extreme attraction.
Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi
  1. Take a ZipLine ride. Flying from one edge of the ravine to the other, you will overcome the distance of 700 meters at the speed of about 70 km/h and experience the full range of emotions, from astonishment and fear to real thrill of joy.
  2. Travel to Via Ferrata. This small cave is surrounded by the atmosphere of mystery, while the road to this unique landmark leads through the enigmatic liana forests, mountain walls, and heavy-going gorges.
  3. Ride SochiSwing, the world’s highest swing. The shoulder of this construction reaches the length of 170 meters – just imagine the incredible pendulum flight over the ravine you’ll experience in this extreme attraction!

If you want to join all these – and many other – adventures, take an individual or a group tour to Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi with a native guide from Tari Tour. We’ll do our best to make your vacation as exciting as possible.

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