Take an Exciting Tour to 33 Waterfalls in Sochi

Take an Exciting Tour to 33 Waterfalls in Sochi

This magnificent mountain gorge located in the valley of Shahe River impresses its guests with a cascade of multifarious waterfalls, the height of which reaches up to 12 meters. The ravine is surrounded by a centuries-old forest representing all sorts of oak, alder, maple, and hornbeam. Tourists from all over the world travel to 33 Waterfalls in order to enjoy the primeval beauty of this unique land. You can join them with the help of Tari Tour: contact our specialists, and they’ll organize every step of your excursion with a native-speaking guide.

33 Waterfalls in Sochi

What’s Special about the Tours to 33 Waterfalls

Being an integral part of Sochi National Park, this place is protected by UNESCO and regularly visited by numerous hiking groups. People come to this place due to the following reasons:

  • Even if you’ve seen a number of waterfalls, these ones are worth your attention. Just imagine the rapid Dzhegosh Stream flushing out from a mountain wall and falling down on the flagstones of Shahe River. The waters passes 7 rapids and 13 rifles, forming hereupon 33 whirlwind waterfalls of different height and size.
  • In the valley of Shahe River, there is a small authentic market, where you can obtain souvenirs, wood carvings, homemade honey and wine, nuts, and a variety of other treats.
33 Waterfalls in Sochi
  • The bridge across the river is the natural extension of the path, along which people visit 33 Waterfalls in Sochi. It looks like an endless wooden road leaving into the unknown, attractive yet intimidating. Locals say it’s the best place to conquer fears and hesitation.
  • The tour route is circular – you will walk from one waterfall to another and finally return to the place where you’ve started the excursion. But if you are adventurous enough, you can move to the impenetrable forest, with its unexplored streams, rising ridges, and age-old woods.

In order to take an individual or a group tour to 33 Waterfalls in Sochi, please, contact the managers of Tari Tour via +7 495 777 90 15. We’ll prepare an exclusive excursion to this beautiful place tailor made in compliance with your personal preferences.

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