Individual and group tours to Matsesta in Sochi

Individual and group tours to Matsesta in Sochi

Matsesta is the greatest balneological and therapy resort in Russia, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The facility is situated in the valley of the Rivers Agura and Khosta, not far from the coast of the Black Sea. The uniqueness of this place lies in hydrosulphuric springs that were found here in impressive numbers. In order to take an individual or a group tour to Matsesta in Sochi, contact the specialists of Tari Tour. Our inviting company is always ready to organize your vacation at the resort, taking care of every step of your tour, from transportation and accommodation to certain healthcare procedures.

Individual and group tours to Matsesta in Sochi

About Treatment in “Fiery Water” Resort

The name of the facility is translated from Adyghe as “fiery water” due to the unique therapeutic component found in the springs of Matsesta. It is hydrogen sulphide; when you put your hand into the water rich in this ingredient it turns red immediately. As for the therapeutic effects of the “fiery water” treatment, they are as follows:

  • Entering the human body, hydrogen sulphide heals damaged cells and tissues;
  • This element facilitates the treatment of inflammatory conditions;
  • Frequent consumption of hydrogen sulphide increases the level of stress resistance.
Individual and group tours to Matsesta in Sochi

People travel to Matsesta in Sochi for the purpose of skin rejuvenation, as the water here is known to resist aging and improve the color and smoothness of the complexion. Besides, locals believe that hydrosulphuric springs lengthen human life, making the whole body stronger and sturdier.

When you visit Matsesta, you should take into account that it’s strictly forbidden to self-medicateж an experienced doctor will perform a number of health check-ups, identify any early signs of issues, and find the treatment that works best for your case.

In order to book a tour to balneological center Matsesta in Sochi, contact the managers of Tari Tour and describe the way you’d like to spend your vacation. We’ll accommodate you in the Guest House of Matsesta and provide a native guide, so that you could communicate with whoever you want. Contact us by phone +7 495 777 90 15 or leave your request on the website of Tari Tour.

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