Individual and Group Tours to Navalischenskoe Gorge in Sochi

Individual and Group Tours to Navalischenskoe Gorge in Sochi

Navalischenskoe gorge is located near the village of Khosta. The history of this landmark dates back to the Jurassic period, when a huge crust fracture formed between the mountains and was filled up with water. The ferns and box-trees growing in this mysterious place witnessed dinosaurs. So why not visit Navalischenskoe gorge with a native guide form Tari Tour? It’s really worth your attention!

Individual and Group Tours to Navalischenskoe Gorge in Sochi

Interesting Facts about Navalischenskoe Gorge

  • The length of this comb is as much as 1.5 km. If you swim along the canyon for about 700 meters, you’ll see a magnificent four-meter high waterfall. There is also a beautiful lake in Navalischenskoe gorge, the diameter of which reaches 13 meters.
  • The brinks of the mountain river Khosta are covered with rich greenery. If you travel to Navalischenskoe gorge in Sochi, you’ll enjoy the beauty of box-trees and yew-trees growing here for centuries. Between them, hang impenetrable networks of lianas, creating the mysterious atmosphere of an ancient forest.
  • Travelling along the canyon, you’ll feel the soft touch of moss under your feet and enjoy the babblement of all sorts of birds living in the trees.
  • On the banks of the river, there are numerous wooden benches and tables, so that tourists could have a rest after a long walk and snack before they go on conquering the gorge.
  • The air here is quite crispy and humid; during your tour to Navalischenskoe gorge you’ll have a rest in the chillness of the comb, even if the day is hot and sunny.
  • If you want to stay near the landmark for several days – or even for the whole vacation – you can put at one of the hotels situated in the neighborhood. They offer saunas, billiards, tennis, and a wide range of other entertainments.
Individual and Group Tours to Navalischenskoe Gorge in Sochi

As you see, this centuries-old canyon deserves your attention more anything else, especially if you’re going to visit Sochi with all of its landmarks. Contact the managers of Tari Tour, and they’ll organize every step of your individual or group tour to Navalischenskoe gorge with a private Russian-speaking guide. Our phone number is +7 495 777 90 15. You can also contact us by filling out the form on the website of Tari Tour.

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