Tours to Tea-Houses in Uch Dere with a Guide from Tari Tour

Tours to Tea-Houses in Uch Dere with a Guide from Tari Tour

The Tea-houses in Uch Dere are the unique “purely Russian place” in the centre of multinational Krasnodar Region. This landmark is situated on a high mountain between Loo and Dagomys. When you travel to the Tea-houses in Uch Dere in Sochi, you discover the unique beauty of traditional Russian songs and dances, the unforgettable taste and aroma of fresh tea and sweet treats, and the very atmosphere of the old-time life. In order to immerse yourself into this adventure, contact the specialists of our inviting company.

Tours to Tea-Houses in Uch Dere

Five Ways of Entertaining Yourself in the Tea-Houses

In this place, you’ll find a variety of interesting amusements. We’ve selected five activities you can choose from while here:

  • Take part in a traditional Russian tea party. When you visit the Tea-houses in Uch Dere you get an excellent opportunity to witness all the steps of this mysterious process, from tea selection, preparation, and brewing to the very moment, when the hot dark drink is poured from the samovar into the cups.
  • Taste traditional Russian treats. It’s great to drink your fresh tea with round cracknels, curd patties, kulebiakas, and all sorts of bakery. You’ll surely enjoy – no matter whether you have a sweet tooth or not – excellent honey, sweets, and jam.
Tours to Tea-Houses in Uch Dere
  • Watch the exhibition of folk art crafts. You’ll hardly ever see the Khokhloma, the Gzel, the Gorodets painting all in the same place. Besides, people taking individual and group tours to the Tea-houses in Uch Dere in Sochi have a unique opportunity to witness lapty, torches, distaves, and a variety of other “purely Russian” historical items.
  • Enjoy national songs and dances. There is a folk group that arranges regular performances for the guests of the Houses. The songs they sing to bayan and balalaika can be merry or sad, but in any case they’re very nice to listen to.
  • Walk along the garden. The accurate park surrounding the Houses looks magnificent at any season, and the miniature copies of the State “Kizhi” Museum, created by talented craftsman Danchakov.

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