Tari Tour's corporate journey to Poland Jan 2005

Tari Tour's corporate journey to Poland Jan 2005

Tari Tour's corporate journey to Poland Jan 2005

This year our general director Marina Levchenko decided to take all Tari Tour's offices (Moscow, St.Petersburg) and our partners and friends in Minsk to Poland by own VOLVO bus to meet up and celebrate NY 2005 and Orthodox Christmas together. Our trip started in Moscow and goes through Minsk, Warsaw, Krakow and back to Moscow through Brest.

On the first day Moscow office of Tari Tour started from the capital of Russia to Minsk, where we planned to meet our St.Petersburg and Minsk colleagues. For this trip we used our new Volvo bus.

This day we have to make 700 km to Minsk with stop for lunch near Smolensk in nice motel "Oazis". We passed Russian-Belorussian border without any problems and in 2 ours after we were already in Minsk.

Minsk turned out to be a very nice, clean city. Almost for all of us it was our first visit to Minsk. We stopped at the hotel Orbita.

Gala dinner was included in our program as a celebration of meeting Moscow, St.Petersburg and Minsk friends. Dinner started at 8 p.m. and most steady celebrated till 3 a.m. Morning turned to be hard and long for some people.

At 8 a.m. we checked-out after fast breakfast and at 8.30 full bus with three offices of our great company started to go to Warsaw, capital of Poland. It is not a long trip only 600 km but some time we should stay at Belorussian-Poland border. At 8 p.m. we were checked-in 5* Sheraton Palace hotel in the city center of wonderful Warsaw. This evening we had no corporate events and everybody explored night Warsaw himself.

In the morning we had short sightseeing before departure to one of the most beautiful european cities Krakow. On the way to Krakow we stopped to visit Monastery in Jasna Gora. This monastery is famous for Black Madonna, icon of

Blessed Mother, known as Chenstokhovska Mother of our Lord.

In Krakow we arrived at 9 p.m. and had nice time to relax after long way from Warsaw.

Relaxed and full of foretaste to see the old town of Krakow. In Krakow all excursions are pedestrian because no buses are allowed to the center, Old City. Architecture of the city and especialy beauty of Wawel Hill amazed everybody.

It was 6th of Jan (Orthodox Christmas), that's why in the evening we had last big event gala dinner with disco in the hotel where we stayed. Celebration continued till 3-4 a.m. And not all understood that in the morning we should depart early for a 1000 km trip to Brest.

In Brest we had one overnight for small rest and next morning continued to Moskow through Minsk.

In Minsk we said bye bye to Minsk colleagues and St.Petersburg colleagues.

Moscow office continued to Moscow.

We arrived at midnight very tired but very very satisfied and happy that we spend together great 7 days.


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