Happy New 2015 Year - year of Sheep

Happy New 2015 Year - year of Sheep

Horoscope says:
This will be a fortunate year, but naturally with some ups and downs…
If the way is difficult, have Faith.
You will succeed.
Trust in Harmony and the Beauty of Life.
Break free of habits or thought modes that hold you back.
And open your heart to the magic of dreams in the wonderful, whimsical Year of the Sheep!

New Year Holidays in TARI TOUR
Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Please kindly be advised that TARI’s office will be closed for New Year holidays from 31st December till 04th January.
We resume our work on 05th January, Monday and work normally on 6th January, Tuesday too.
On the 7th January we celebrate Russia Orthodox Christmas!
8th January and 9th January – office is on duty again.
From 12th January onwards – we are back to our regular work routine.
Warm Season Greetings to all of you!
Look forward to continue our successful co-operation in the coming year!



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