Maps of Moscow and St Petersburg

Maps of Moscow and St Petersburg

Maps of Moscow and St Petersburg

Dear Colleagues, Partners,

  • How far is this hotel from city center?
  • How far is this restaurant from the Tretiakov Gallery?
  • What restaurant is on the way from airport to the hotel?

These questions and alike are among the most frequently asked questions.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain about the location in words.

In attempt to solve this problem and help you to avoid seaching through the official websites of hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. we created the following maps:  

In new engine of creating maps you can switch on and off the layers to see only hotels or/and restaurants or/and museums . It makes using the maps more convenient.

If you do not see leyer - just click box near name of the leyer.

We put in Moscow - railway stations and airports for your convenient.

We will update these maps with new objects in our list.

As they are Google maps - it is preferable to open them in Google Chrome browser.

We have made the maps of both Moscow and St Petersburg with pointed museums, restaurants, hotels, which we regulary work with.

Hope these maps will help you to reply most of your frequently asked questions:

  • Is this (htl/rest) centrally located?
  • Which hotels has better location than ...?
  • How far is this hotel from Expocenter?
  • Please advise hotel which is closest to the Space museum?

Will be happy to receive your opinion and comments.

Hope it will be useful for you.

Tari Tour team

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