Theatres in Moscow and St Petersburg

Theatres in Moscow and St Petersburg

Theatres in Moscow and St Petersburg

Dear Colleagues, Partners,

We are sure that your customers, tourists, who will to visit Russia, would like to see and visit not only the Kremlin in Moscow and Hermitage in St Petersburg.
They heard a lot and keen to see and visit Russian ballet theatres.

Hope below information and links will help you to find proper information much faster, than while waiting the reply.

Have a look and take in your files:

1. Bolshoy Theatre

The most famous theatre in the world!

Please note that Main building is under reconstruction now. It has been under reconstruction for 5 years already. It is promised by our Major Mr Luzhkov that reconstruction will be finished in 2011.

Meanwhile performances of Bolshoy Theatre artists are in so-called New Stage, which is just cross the street of Main building.

Here is general link: www.bolshoi.ru

Here is link to English version of site: http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/

Cost of seats are possible upon request only. Online system of tickets usually gives 5-10 worst possible seats.

2. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre

It is one more musical theatre in Moscow with famous ballets and operas in its repertoir. It is less expensive than Bolshoy theatre. But it is nice any way.

3. Moscow Classical Ballet under conduction of Kasatkina and Vasilev

They do not have own theatre. Performance are on the stage of Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow

Here is link to English version of site: http://www.classicalballet.ru/eng/

There is no something like playbill, that's why information should be requested additionally.

On the same page you can see only "Coming soon"

4. Classical music. Concervatory, Concert hall named after Chaikovsky

For lovers of Classical music Moscow can offer concerts in two halls of State Concervatory and Concert hall named after Chaikovsky

main website is named correspondently: http://www.meloman.ru/

link to English version of site: http://www.meloman.ru/?id=90&language=switch

you can click the date at calendar in left-high corner to see what is on the particular date. There is no playbill page.

for example 11Jun : http://www.meloman.ru/?id=9&search[d0]=11&search[m0]=06&search[Y0]=2010&search[d]=11&search[m]=06&search[Y]=2010&PAGE=1

5. Old Circus named after Yuri Nikulin

World wide famous Old Circus named after world wide famous Russian clown Yuri Nikulin.

It is not possible to visit Moscow and not visit Old Circus.

You can see here plan of seats and schedule of performances below it.

6. New Circus - Big Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Prospect

It is very nice and famous as well. And convenient if you visited Vorobievy Hills with University and Observation platform before

Here is main page: http://www.bolshoicircus.ru/

But unfortunately it is only in Russian: http://www.bolshoicircus.ru/main/

So ask us about information.

7. National Russian Show in Cosmos hotel

This nice show, something between ballet and russian folklore, started some years ago as a bit project and became more and more popular. It is nice and not so expensive alternative to classical performances.

Here is main site: http://www.nationalrussianshow.ru/

Here is English version of site: http://www.nationalrussianshow.ru/en/rnds/

And playbill for summer 2010: http://www.nationalrussianshow.ru/en/rnds/schedule/

Here is seating plan of great hall in Cosmos hotel: http://www.nationalrussianshow.ru/en/rnds/seats_plan/

I am afraid it is hardly possible to find something more in Moscow for evening performances.

Let's continue with St Petersburg.

St.- Petersburg
1. Mariinsky theatre

The most famous Russian Theatre, conducted by Valery Gergiev. All tourists, visited St Petersburg, dream to see famous ballets of Mariinsky theatre.

Here is you can find general information about theatre : http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/about/history_theatre/mariinsky_theatre/

Here is playbill, for June: http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/?year=2010&month=6

Here is photos of the theatre: http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/about/history_theatre/virtual/

This theatre has the most complex system of price policy. Price of tickets depends on seats, dates, category of the performance.

Ask us the price of particular  performance.

2. Mikhailovsky theatre

One of palace theatres. Nice and famous.

Here is main information: http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/

Here is page with playbill, for June: http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/afisha/?month=6&year=2010

3. Alexandrinsky theatre

Here is main information: http://en.alexandrinsky.ru/

Here you can find information about repertoir and playbill: http://en.alexandrinsky.ru/articles/repertoire/

4. Theatre of Musical Comedy

One of Palace theatres of St Petersburg

main page is here: http://spbmuzcomedy.com/en/tmc_mnp.html

playbill is here: http://spbmuzcomedy.com/en/tmc_pst.html

here you can see seating plan in Russian: http://balet-spb.ru/uploads/foto/pallas/plan_of_the_hall_palace.gif

5. Hermiage Theatre

It is one more Palace theatre in St Petersburg

Unfortunately it does not have English site. I place here links to Russian sites, something is clear, something needs to be translated (use Google translator for example)

here is main page: http://balet-spb.ru/static-ermitaj-1.htm with information about theatre and pictures

here is picture with seating place: http://balet-spb.ru/uploads/foto/p/herm_plan.jpg

I did not find clear playbill. On this page: http://balet-spb.ru/index.php?monat=6&jahr=2010&area=1 - you can click date in calendar to see performance on particular date.

It is only theatre in St Petersburg, which has fixed price of tickets for any seat and performance. Ask us about special price.

6. Folk Show in Nikolaevsky Palace

It is the most famous Folk Show in St Petersburg

Here is name page: http://www.folkshow.ru/en.htm

You can find here some short information about show.

It starts at 18.30 and 21.00

It is with break for fourchette.

Very often we receive requests for such event: dinner with show in Nikolaevsky Palace.

Please note that hall for dinner and hall for show is DIFFERENT halls. Dinner WITH show is not possible in Nikolaevsky Palace.

It is possible to make them separately: first dinner than show, or first show then dinner.

Please note that Show operates only in case of 100 pax and more. During season time it is almost 100% guaranteed. But during non season it is necessary to check if it will operate.

7. Circus in St Petersburg is possible, it is not so popular like in Moscow

We think it is enough information to provide your clients  with necessary information about performances in Moscow and St Petersburg.

We shall be happy to arrange for you tickets for your individual tourists or groups.

We are always at your disposal.

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