There comes a time in everybody's life when you need to get a little Russian into your everyday existance. Especially if you're not currently in Russia and particularly will you suddenly find yourself craving Russian food. This problem is, however, easy to solve.

But how? you might wonder, and the answer to that question is even easier than the solution - throw a Russian style dinner party! Call some closed friends and invite them over the dinner, but tell them only that you plan on cooking "borsch" and nothing else.

And it is true. No Russian meals can be imagine without the most famous and favorite soup named Borsch.


Put one or two pieces of meat with born into a pot and boil not less than 1,5 hours. Then take meat away and cut on small cubes. Throw them back into broth. Chop the cabbage into thin straws, chop the onion into small pieces, grate the carrot by middle sized grater, chop the beetroot into thin straws, potato must be cut by small cubes. All vegetables are prepared. Continue... Beetroot must be slightly fried with sunflower oil, then add a bit vinegar and tomato paste and stew 5-7 minutes. Separately onion must be fried with sunflower oil, then carrot is to be added and fried together with onion. Then add potato into boiling broth with cubes of meat and when broth will boil again - add cabbage into it and boil 5 minutes. Then add beet-root and boil 10 minutes more. Then add onion with carrot. Then add bay leaves, root of parsley (cut by small pieces), then salt and pepper. Last garlic cut with squeeser must be put into borsch and pan must be taken away from the fire. Let it stay 15-20 minutes and then pour borsch on plates, add some sour cream and strew greens.



1 kg of meat with born (not big of course), 500 gr potato, 300 gr cabbage, 400 gr beetroot, 200 gr carrot, 3 spoons of tomato paste, 1 tea spoon of vinega, 2-3 teeths of garlic, 2-3 bay leaves, root of parsley, solt, pepper, sunflower oil, greens.

It is one of basic receipt of borsch. There are number of receipts of each mother and grand mother.

Borsch can be cooked with or without (vegetarian) meat, can be served in plate or in pot, with pampushka (small garliced bread) or with black bread, hot or cold (for summer time). But any way - it continues to be unique Russian soup, you can not imagine Russian cookery without it.

(Borsch - in Wikipedia)

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