Medovukha po Suzdalski

Medovukha po Suzdalski

Medovukha is an ancient mildly alcoholic mead. A home-made honey beverage being very popular in before-vodka times, when any spirits were hardly known in Russia. Today 'medovukha' is still widely sold by locals, and sometimes, served in restaurants.


Put sugar and 1/2 of honey is enamel bowl, add water and boil stirring regularly and taking froth off for 10-15 minutes. Cool the syrup till 25-30 C. Then add yeast, previously softened in a small amount of the same syrup, stir it thoroughly and leave in a warm place to ferment. In 2-3 days strain it, cover the bowl with a cloth and then keep in a cellar and for as long as 3-4 weeks. After that strain the honey beverage again, and melt the rest of honey in it.

Medovukha has an exquisite taste and aroma, but its shelf life is rather short.

Originally served in earthen jugs.


0,5 kg honey, 0,5 kg sugar, 4 l water, 100 g yeast

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