Backstage theater tour

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For the most sophisticated audience, we offer a tour of the backstage. Only on it is it possible to see the life of the theater from the inside:
- attend a rehearsal
- see how they sew costumes
- and even enter the historical scene

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Everyone has the opportunity to watch a rehearsal of a fragment of an opera or ballet, to see artists, conductor, director. It would never occur to anyone that right above the historical stage, above the chic chandelier with a picturesque ceiling, there is also a rehearsal stage. Which is an exact copy of the historical in size and shape.

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Only on our excursion you will be able to examine in detail the unique stage costumes and take pictures with them in the interiors of the theater. You will visit the exhibition of authentic costumes of the most famous ballets: Swan Lake, La Bayadere - you will see it live. And you can also enjoy excerpts from the best ballets on large screens with 3D effect.         

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Another amazing place, hidden from the audience, but where everyone would like to go is sewing workshops. It is here that costumes dazzling in their fabulous beauty are born. You can not only follow the process of their cut and embroidery, but also take photos with them.

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Do not miss the oportunity to touch some secrets of the theater life. This excursion can be easily added to any of your programs in Moscow or St.Petersburg. You are very welcome!

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