Ball dancing master class / St.Petersburg

Ball dancing master class / St.Petersburg


                                             "Feel like Russian nobility"

Dancing master class in costumes of the XIX century.
Take a chance to move from the bustling and pragmatic city of the XXI century to the gallant and solemn St. Petersburg of the XIX century.
Social receptions with music and dance is a part of the life of St. Petersburg's high society of the XIX century.


Dressed in wonderful outfits made on the models of costumes of the XIX century-colorful dresses with crinolines and elegant uniforms, You will become participants of a social ball.

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An experienced " master of ceremonies "will inform you about all the details of ballroom etiquette and teach you the basic dance steps in a relaxed manner.
Charming music and a professional choreographer do their job.

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Polonaise, minuet, polka, gallop, Mazurka – just an hour ago, the names of these dances scared You with their exoticism, but now You do not want to stop…

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  What's included:
- Dressing up in historical costumes
- Welcome reception

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- Learning the fan language
- Photography in historical costumes

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- Master class "Fashion dances of the XIX century"
- Fantastic dinner in the palace after master class

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Add this amazing activity to any of our programs in St.Petersburg and feel yourself a part of a high aristocratic sociaty of the past centuries.

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