Bike and sigway tours / Moscow

Why by bicycle or sigway?


By walking? You will need significant amount of time to walk between major historical sites even within Garden Ring and after a day of walking you will be so tired that memories of the day will fade away quickly.

By car or taxi? Well, you may try. Last few years traffic in the city became a major problem and you will spend most of your time fighting Moscow’s famous “probki” (traffic jams) and burning gas rather than sightseeing.

By metro? It is not a good idea. Although Moscow’s metro is quite beautiful, it is used daily by more than 6.5 million people and most probably you will be squashed and drained there before you even reach any place of interest.

By bus or trolley-bus? You will need to look for the bus stops and plan your route carefully if you want to see more than one site in a day. All city busses and trolley-busses run quite irregularly and the stops are not always within nearest proximity to the historical sites.


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Parks and Nature of Moscow Bike or Sigway Tour

This tour covers major Moscow tourist attractions and also takes you through beautiful parks and nature in the very center of Moscow. Surprised? But yes, in this megalopolis of steel and asphalt, in fact in the very center of it, you can find spacious parks, beautiful ponds, hills covered with trees and even real forest where you can get lost! We won't promise that you will see bears or wolves, but there will be lots of exciting and interesting things on the way. This trip requires average levels of endurance and stamina, but getting fitter along the way is just another benefit!

The highlights of this tour:

Gorky Park • Peter the Great Statue • Park of Abandoned Monuments • Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) • Merry Garden • Moscow River and Luzhniki • Look out point • Moscow State University • Novodevichy Convent • Leo Tolstoy Estate • Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki • The Cathedral of Christ the Savior • Alexander Garden •

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Time: Daily at 11:00 am or on demand
Duration: 4 hours
Price: US$50 per person for a group tour (>3 persons)
          US$80 per person for a private tour

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