Culinary Master classes

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We organize super interesting culinary master class – all participants of the event will be involved in the work, so everyone will enjoy such a pastime. If you are tired of standard holiday options and want something original – we have the optimal solution.
How is the cooking class going?

The beginning of the celebration

Introduction to the guests who will be given the menu, as well as the necessary recipes (all of them are accompanied by detailed step-by-step photos). Cooking classes in Moscow are an excellent choice for both experienced and novice cooks. The overall atmosphere is perfectly complemented by the presence of branded aprons – all participants will be able to feel like professional chefs.


After the briefing – you can start working

The master class from the chef begins with a detailed introduction to the chosen topic: it can be considered Russian cuisine in General or any specific dishes, such as russian soup schie or desserts. Guests are instructed, fill out questionnaires, dress in prons and are placed in the safe hands of the chef.

 Getting to know the chef

This is followed by an introduction to the chef. It introduces the topic of the lesson. This can be the cuisine of a particular region of Russia, or a thematic lesson dedicated to soups, desserts or other masterpieces of Russian national dcuisine. Before registering for a lesson, we recommend checking the master class schedule for the dishes included in the menu to select the most preferred ones for you.


Divide into teams and begins to cook

Then the chef tells about the features of certain dishes and divides the participants into teams.

To make working together even more interesting, guests will be invited to divide into teams – all guests of the Studio will be able to take an active part in a culinary master class of Russian cuisine.

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What does a master class from a chef include?

At the end of all these preparations, the Chef will ask all participants to divide into teams, as a result of which all the guests will be involved in the preparation of dishes.

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Each cooking class lasts about 4 hours.

During this time, participants of the culinary master class will be able to try their hand at cooking 4 dishes:

- snacks that are necessary in order to develop an appetite;

- the main course, which can serve as soup, main dish or any other dishes. The cooking process is not only interesting, exciting, but also delicious;

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- hot dish, the chef provides meat or fish for the participants to choose from;

- at the end of the evening, guests of the cooking Studio will be offered a dessert with fragrant and delicious coffee.

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 Participants of the event can take any amount of non-alcoholic drinks at the bar for free. 

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There is a photographer present at each event, so everyone can get pictures from an interesting and delicious evening.

 At the end of event each participant gets personal Certificate


Ask Tari for more details and very special prices and include this very special activity to any of our programs in Moscow! Make your trip more remarkable and make your own taste of Russia)

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