Excursion in Grand Kremlin Palace / Moscow

Excursion in Grand Kremlin Palace / Moscow

                                              Здание БКД

   That's the great excursion to the Grand Kremlin Palace!
Unique chance to see how Russian tsars lived and President lives.
The status and significance of this one-of-a-kind Russian attraction is so high that it’s often considered as “impossible” to see and visit. And no wonder: lavishly decorated halls that matched the splendor of the Russian Royalty, are now used for the President's inauguration and serve as a major official residence of the State. Country leaders, who visited Russia at least once, walked through the magnificent halls of the Great Kremlin Palace. And so will you.
                                         Александровский зал в БКД
The Palace itself is not anything like other royal palaces you have been to before. It’s a complex of interconnected rooms and palaces (!) of various styles, and you can hardly guess which part of the building you are in. The luxurious interiors of the private parts of the Imperial Family will change with splendid grand reception halls of the main building. The latter will lead you to the truly admirable Terem Palace – a motley mix of old Russian, Eastern and Italian architecture. From there, you will end up in another wonder of the Kremlin – the Palace of Facets (Granovitaya Palata).
                                        Грановитая Палата в БКД
Touring Grand Kremlin Palace is like travelling through times and epochs. Welcome on this exciting journey, for the memories of a lifetime!

Being the residence of the President of Russian Federation, visit the Palace is subject of confirmation by special authorities.
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