Flights by Supersonic crafts / Moscow

Flights by Supersonic crafts / Moscow

Flights by Supersonic crafts / Moscow

Super feelings! Flights by supersonic crafts!

Russian supersonic planes and pilots are the best in the world!

You can feel yourself the best!

Flight by supersonic aircrafts MIG and SU on the airodrome near Nizhni Novgorod

Prices for 30 min flight: - upon request




MIG 25


We should have all information about "tourist" not less then5 weeks before flights.

Some information

The MIG - 25 was designed as an all-weather high altitude supersonic interceptor. The Soviet Air Force needed an interceptor, which was able to fly at least higher and faster, than any other air plane and its task was to fight with the high speed US airplanes, such as XB-70 "Valkyrie" bomber and SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance airplane. The first prototype of MIG - 25 lifted off in 1964, but till now MIG - 25 remains to be the quickest combat airplane, having set a lot of altitude, speed, and climb-up records. As the MIG - 25 was designed for flights at the 25-km altitude with a speed, which is three times higher, than a speed of a sound, it doesn't have such a high maneuverability, as the most of the lighter fighters MIG - 29, which were created for low-altitude aerial combat. However, legendary MIG - 25 "Foxbat" - is the only one airplane in the world, which will fly you to the boundaries of space, and then you will have the first-eye view, that the Earth is round, and sky is black.

The MIG - 29 is one of the advanced combat airplanes in the Russian Air Force. It was designed for gaining the air superiority. MIG- 29 "Fulcrum" aircraft was put into service in 1985. Being one of the most advanced airplanes in the world, it has turbojet engines, possesses an advantageous proportion of mass and power, an excellent aerodynamics and a wonderful view from the cockpit. All these above characteristics make the aircraft maximum effective in an aerial combat. Comparable on size and assigned tasks with the American F-16 and F/A-18 fighters, the MIG - 29 is presently in the service of 23 countries of the world.

The SU-30 - two-seat training-combat airplane was created on the basis of SU-27. It is one of the most sophisticated airplanes among the airplanes of Russian Air Force. Comparable on the size and design with the American F-15 fighter, the SU-30 was designed as a wide action range super-modern interceptor. Its shell is made of high-strength titanium and aluminum alloys. Being one of the most maneuverable airplanes in the world, SU-30 can fly with 9 g acceleration during aerobatic flying. The first SU-30 was put into service in 1987.

Flights by supersonic crafts.

1. Flights are operated at the aerodrome near Nizhni Novgorod

2. Drive to and drive back takes appr 1,5 hours one way from Nizhni Novgorod city.

3. Procedure is:

  • foreign tourist must have insurance, not less than 50000USD and this insurance must note: risk of supersonic flight. When you organize it for your client you should consult with insurance company.
  • each foreign tourist sign the paper as he understand the level of risk and do not have any complaints connected with the flight.
  • on arrival there is the briefing with the pilot, discussing the plan of flight
  • flights can have some features: flight at the low height, flight for static height limit (25000m), supersonic flight, flight with high level figures. Sort of flight must be fixed during briefing.
  • during briefing client discuss with pilot the "words" of communication during flight
  • then client will be examined "briefly" medically, when doctors check his/her physical condition concerning possibility to overcome the overweight loading during flight. According to results of this examination pilot will be limited with over-loading during flight
  • in case client has flight license "examination" become much easier.
  • client trys on oxigen equipment, and special equipment and is consulted how to use it.
  • strong rule: client is instructed how to use "catapult"
  • then client is ready to go to the plane and realize the flight.
  • above procedure takes appr 1-1,5 hours + go to plane (20min) + warm engine (10min max) - flight (30 min) - celebration of flight - unlimited!
  • timing is very approximate and depends on some conditions....
  • clients will be given special "Sertificate" about flight done.

4. Passport details must bepresented at least 2 weeks before flight, better earlier.

Whole trip can consist of 4 days

1day - arrival in Moscow. Optional sightseeing

2day - day of flight

3day - reserve day for bad weather or additional flight by L-39

4day - day of depture.

But of course it is recommended to visit some museums, related to avia technics and flights, like Museum in Monino, for example.

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