Food tours - Dinner in a Family

Food tours - Dinner in a Family

Private dinner with locals and wine tasting

(Can be arranged in a mode of cooking class)

Food is a vital part of Russian life and its culture. By exploring the country through its food you will come to a deeper understanding what it is like today and what it used to be before. 

This tour brings you to a place with an authentic and intimate atmosphere. 

Hosts are opening the doors of their houses inviting you to go through an unforgettable experience, an experience that you will never get at any restaurant. 

For one evening you become a dear guest of a real Russian family!
You will visit their apartments, learn how to cook and taste Russian cuisine dishes and ask the questions you really wanted to know about Russia, common people and the «real life».
Our local hosts are great personalities, with passion for cooking and they can speak English fluently (or almost fluently).


Our local hosts are great personalities with passion for cooking welcome you to a dinner that includes minimum four dishes and a degustation of several Russian wines and other beverages. Here in the typical sample of menu:

- Olivier salad or Russian vinaigrette salad

Olivie.jpg            Vinegret.jpg

- Borsch soup or Shchi soup (Russian-style cabbage soup)

Borsh.jpg            Schi.jpg

- Dumplings with meat or Beef Stroganoff

Pelmeni.jpg             Befstroganoff.jpg

- Medovik (Russian honey cake) or Pancakes

Medovik.jpg              Blini.jpg

Wine pairing: Russian Champagne (Balaklava Brut or Brut Rose) as aperitif and Russian Red (Sun Valley Meganom) / Russian White (Alma Valley Riesling) or Russian Rose (Sun Valley Rose) wine as accompaniment for the main course.

It can be a very special event that you will remember for the rest of your life. Taste home made dishes, explore the real Russian hospitality and share your emotions!

IMG_0599.JPG          PCEW9437.jpg

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