Jet Flights around the suburb / Moscow

Jet Flights around the suburb / Moscow

Jet Flights around the suburb / Moscow



The L-39 two-seat training jet plane is intended for flights in regular and complex meteorological conditions at day and night time, as well as for acrobatic flying. As for its design, it is a cantilever all-metal monoplane with a trapezoidal low wing. The tail unit of the airplane consists of trapezoidal keel with an elevator, fixed on the tail of a fuselage. The chassis of the airplane consists of three wheels, including the nose wheel. The main chassis legs are retracted into the wing, and the front leg - in the fuselage nose.

Pressurized cockpits are in the front part of the fuselage. Cockpits are equipped with oxygen supply- and air conditioning systems, thus enabling normal crew operation at high altitudes and allowing to easily withstand the permissible operating G-loads, if pilots wear special harness and use a special equipment. There are ejection seats in the cockpits, enabling to do emergency crew escape. A cockpit canopy is pressure-tight with a single layer glazing, the back-folding parts can be thrown off under abnormal condition by pyrotechnical systems.

Flights by light jet aircraft L-39 with Rusichi in Vyazma

30 min flight is 1550$

Flight is taken at the air base near city Vyazma. distance is 210!km, so drive is 3,5-4 hours oneway (from the hotel, taking in account traffic jam).

Procedure is:

  • foreign tourist must have insurance, not less than 50000USD and this insurance must note: risk of jet flight, when you organize it for your client you should consult with insurance company.
  • each foreign tourist sign the paper as he understand the level of risk and do not have any complaints connected with the flight.
  • on arrival there is the briefing with the pilot, discussing the plan of flight, flight with high level figures. Sort of flight must be fixed during briefing.
  • during briefing client discuss with pilot the "words" of communication during flight
  • then client will be examined "briefly" medically, when doctors check his/her physical condition concerning possibility to overcome the overweight loading during flight. According to results of this examination pilot will be limited with over-loading during flight
  • in case client has flight license "examination" become much easier.
  • client trys on oxigen equipment, and special equipment and is consulted how to use it.
  • strong rule: client is instructed how to use "catapult"
  • then client is ready to go to the plane and realize the flight.
  • above procedure takes appr 1-1,5 hours + go to plane (20min) + warm engine (10min max) - flight (30 min) - celebration of flight - unlimited!
  • timing is very approximate and depends on some conditions....

Passport details must be presented at least 2 weeks before flight, better earlier.

  • clients will be given special "Sertificate" about flight done.

So totally - very approximately: 4 + 1,5 + 0,5 + 0,5 + celebration + 4 = 12 hours from Moscow to Moscow.


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