MAKS 2021

MAKS 2021

MAKS (International Aviation and Space Salon) is one of the world’s leading aviation forums in the world.
The first salon took place in 1993, and since then the initiative invariably attracts thousands of aviation experts, businessmen, and spectators.

MAKS salon is traditionally organized on Gromov’s airfield in the town of Zhukovsky located in the Moscow region. The town’s history is closely related to aviation since major aviation scientific research and production took place there. Today Zhukovsky remains the center of Russian aviation in all its aspects.

The program of the famous air salon includes thrilling air shows, numerous exhibitions (including the Mission Control Center and the Museum of Aviation), and other entertaining activities dedicated to aviation and space. MAKS always has something to offer to people of all ages, and that is why many spectators come there together with their family members.

Yet, the air salon is interesting not only for common visitors but also for big aviation companies and state military authorities. MAKS provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest scientific achievements in aviation and sign lucrative contracts. Every year dozens of huge deals are closed during the air forum, and such a great chance is definitely not to be missed.

In summer 2021 Moscow is also going to host MAKS - 15th Aviashow. Dates have been announced and fixed already - 20-25July 2021.

MAKS World Air Show With Tari Tour

If you are willing to visit MAKS 2021 with no organizational difficulties, TARI TOUR travel agency is happy to offer organized tours to the famous air salon. We are one of the leading travel agents with multi-year experience in organizing tours for foreign citizens.

Our company will help you to arrange your visit from start to finish, taking the responsibility for providing MAKS tickets, accommodation, bus transfer, and guided tours. During the whole one-week stay you will be accompanied by our experienced travel guides who will help you to resolve all possible issues. A comfortable hotel (Cosmos or similar) and quality meals will make your stay as pleasant as possible, and you can rest assured that adult visitors and kids will feel equally comfortable during their stay.

The first part of the program when visiting MAKS salon are guided tours in Moscow during which you will be able to visit several museums and exhibitions dedicated to aviation and space, and make great photos. Visiting the salon itself is programmed for the last two days of the trip. 
Of course it is possible to visit MAKS during business days too, just let us know if it is necessary.

Here is example of the program for MAKS we have been operated with some groups during almost 20 years:



20 Jul, Tue

Arrival in Moscow
Meeting with guide and bus and transfer to the hotel
Accommodating in the hotel

21 Jul, Wed

Breakfast in the hotel
City tour in Moscow with guide and bus with photostops:
Visit All Russian Exhibition Center, Pavillion "Space" with very new exhibition, Model of the Missile "Vostok-1",

Pavilion Space with Missle.jpg           Pavilion Space inside.jpg

Visit Memorial Cosmonautic Museum

Memor Mus Cosm.jpg           Memor Mus Cosm inside.jpg


22 Jul, Thu

Breakfast in the hotel
Excursion to Star City, visit to Training Center with Hydrolaboratory, Centrifuge, Model of Station Mir, Museum of Star City

Star City HL.jpg            Star City Mir.jpg

23 Jul, Fri

Breakfast in the hotel

Excursion in the Central Museum of Military Air Force in Monino, museum and field with air crafts and helicopters

Monino - field.jpg           Monino - plane.jpg

Visit to Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow with museum of aviation and military vehicles under sky. Excursion in Museum of Great Patriotic War

24 Jul Sat

Breakfast in the hotel
Full day visit of MAKS show in Zhukovskiy with rich flight program
Appr 07.00 - 21.00 in total (because of very big traffic)

MAKS show - 1.jpg           MAKS show - 2.jpg

MAKS show - 4.jpg           MAKS show - 5.jpg

25 Jul, Sun

Breakfast in the hotel

Full day visit of MAKS show in Zhukovskiy with rich flight program
Appr 07.00 - 21.00 in total (because of very big traffic)

MAKS show - 7.jpg           MAKS show - 3.jpg

MAKS show - 8.jpg           MAKS show - 10.jpg

26 Jul, Mon

Breakfast in the hotel,

Checkout and transfer to airport for flight home

By additional request, it is possible to organize other activities, dedicated to Space and Aviation topic
- Zero gravity flight
- Wearing Space suite "Sokol"
- Meeting with Russian cosmonaut
- flight by Jet plane
- and even trip to Baikonur cosmodrom to see missle launching

We are fully at your disposal to make your "space" trip as much interesting as possible!
Travel "to space" with Tari Tour

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