Music Media Dome / Moscow


MUSIC MEDIA DOME (MMD) — an event space with great multimedia possibilities, holder of two Worlds Guinness Records, the largest media space of the planet.

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It has become one of the most demanded venues in Moscow. The best event agencies and brands such as Giorgio Armani, Maserati, Louis Vuitton, the Moscow Exchange, Nike, Reebok, Disney, TOPGUN, KFC, MIPT, Sberbank, Domodedovo airport and others have chosen MMD for their events.

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The vanue's main chacacteristic is its projection surfaces that are the largest in te world!

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MMD is a multiformat venue. The main hall without columns and partitions will satisfy any event organizer.

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The venue fits for any kind of events and offers the best technical solutions for: *Bankets * Concerts * Conferences * Festivals * Shows * Presentations * Exhibitions * Videos

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