On the roof

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Every year, hundreds of romantics are looking for how to hit their soul mate, and our new product is to help you! Believe, not a single event on the roof left anyone indifferent. We are sure that this date or dinner or excursion will be one of the most memorable in your life.

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Traditionally, a date in the format of "plaid + pillows" we call "a picnic on the roof." We specially select such roofs so that they are comfortable to be on and the view of the city is not blocked by roof structures.

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If you want to see a table and chairs on the roof, then use our other offer - a dinner on the roof.

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Excursions on roofs are also gaining more and more popularity. During our tour, you will learn a lot about the roofs of Moscow or St.Petersburg, as well as enjoy the beautiful views of our capital. 

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You should always remember that roofs and attics are technical spaces where you need to be careful. For picnics on the roof, we select fairly safe options for places. But along with flat roofs, we offer gable roof options. There is also nothing wrong, but, you know, in heels there will be a little uncomfortable. Therefore, comfortable flat shoes are highly recommended.

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What roofs to choose from? The geography of roofs for events on the roof is quite extensive. But basically all the roofs are in the center of Moscow, within the Garden Ring.

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