Podvorie restaurant / St.Petersburg

Podvorie restaurant / St.Petersburg


Stylized restaurant of traditional Russian cuisine in Pavlovsk. Opened in 1993, the Podvorye ( «Coach House» ) restaurant has become known since then as «Russia´s most authentic Russian restaurant». It has established a reputation in Saint Petersburg and far beyond.

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Podvorye is remarkable for being equally esteemed by travelers as well as local residents. Intellectuals and aristocrats from various countries, actors, sports figures, politicians – and all those who appreciate the art of good eating and love genuine Russian cuisine– thoroughly enjoy their visits to Podvorye. Over twenty years of work, he has hosted a variety of guests: from Putin to Prince Charles.

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Outside it looks like a Russian tower; all the stereotypes about Russia are collected in the interior: stuffed bears, harmonica, balalaika.

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The menu includes dishes of the “royal” Russian cuisine.

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The surrounding area is a kind of "entertainment center" in the Russian style: in summer - carousels, in winter - slide and ice rink.

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Guests are greeted by a bear with a glass of vodka. The menu opens to a variety of meat and fish courses, game felled in the hunting fields, classic Russian soups and an assortment of pickles. True to Russian tradition, our helpings are served generously; while a full panoply of vodkas are served - from Birch-bud to Horse-radish or Cranberry to name but a few - all made specially for Podvorye in the village of Verkhniye Mandrogi in St.Petersburg region.

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