Radisson cruise along Moskva river / Moscow

Radisson cruise along Moskva river / Moscow

                         Super-yachts Radisson Royal Flotilla

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The Radisson Royal Flotilla yachts are state-of-the-art river yachts-restaurants meant for excursion and entertainment cruises along the Moskva River for citizens and visitors of Moscow.

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In 2009 five flotilla yachts were constructed upon a special design, they are: Ferdinand, Capella, Bon Voyage, Celebrity and Scarlet.

In 2012-2013 were built super-yachts "Primavera" ,"Butterfly", "Beauty", "Montana" and "Felicita" which are able to accommodate comfortably 300 passengers in business and first class saloons, and there are open decks as well. Now, with a new generation of yachts, the flotilla consists of 10 white-beauty-yachts designed for year-round entertaining excursion cruises on the Moscow River, for magnificent banquets, large conferences, and happy weddings.

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Due to constructional features, speed performance and equipment the yachts designed to easily pass through the ice and provide comfort for passengers even in the harshest of Russian winters: complete with all-weather panoramic windows, climate control and strengthened yacht’s hull

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Flotilla "Radisson Royal, Moscow" features:

1 All year round navigation -365 days a year
2 Services: daily cruises with fixed schedule
3 Touristic packages, family weekends, tastings and seasonal offers, renting opportunities, experienced banqueting team, free internet access (Wi-Fi).
4 Yachts meet the highest safety standards including those related to environment.
5 The yachts and pier are adopted for use by handicapped people: you just need to call and inform about your upcoming visit. We will install a special lifting tool and our team members will be glad to help passengers on wheelchairs!

Flotilla "Radisson Royal, Moscow" is ultramodern river yachts with restaurant service on board, designed for sightseeing and entertainment walks along the Moscow River for citizens and guests of the capital.

One of the Ships is rented by famous and high level restaurant Erwin Reka (Erwin River). You can enjoy both wonderful food and cruise along Moskva river with fantastic views of Moscow city

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Radisson river trams

We should also mention the recent novelty of the flotilla: Radisson river trams.
They have only 44 seats - can be use by group individually and privately. 
They have a fancy shape and bright colors - it is really funny and can be highlight of the tour!
They are very popular with Muscovites and tourists, as they are ideal for sightseeing tours of the city.

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The route takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.
By the way, they run quite often and you can take this tram at any of its stops.

Inside, you will be met by 360-degree rotating chairs and a free guide in 6 languages with headphones.
However, it is still better to take your own headphones, since it is not a fact that they will be in place, and it is not worth using such a thing after someone :-))

Ask Tari for more details
Lets make the tour for your customers more interesting and exciting, include a river cruise in your programs of Moscow!

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