Star city / Moscow

Today you have a truly unique opportunity to visit the Star City, in the legendary Cosmonaut Training Center! You will see not only unique historical exhibits, but also operating simulators, because the Cosmonaut Training Center is now an operating facility where all international crews are trained before flying to the ISS.


What do you learn in Star City:

What do Soyuz spacecraft look like and how are they arranged? 

  союз1.jpg  союз6.jpg  союз2.jpg

How, being on Earth, to prepare for the upcoming operations in outer space? 

6b4fe456e82fe1a1f6851202f53c8e5f.jpg  63dc0d28-a3ca-4825-b5c4-8b80e41d79b1.jpg  b4fea045a20acb969dbcd55f03a4ad2e.jpg  

What is the Centrifuge for and why are there two of them with different shoulder lengths at the Training Center? 

9281.JPG  центрифуга1.jpg  центрифуга6.jpg

And, finally, you will attend an astronautical lesson and learn how to find constellations and navigate stars.

And also you can personally participate in different interactive activities and feel like a real astronaut:

- Put on a real spacesuit that has been in space and learn how to manage its systems.

moscow-starcitytour-3.jpg  скафандр3.jpg  скафандр5.jpg

- Find out what the astronauts eat in orbit, try the astronaut’s food themselves and learn how to cook it using a special simulator.

Zvezdny_2_big.jpg    еда3.jpg  еда1.jpg

- Check and train your vestibular apparatus during classes on a special simulator used to train astronauts.

вестибулярные1.jpg  вестибуляр2.jpg  весибуляр5.jpg  

- Try “Exit-2”, a unique simulator for practicing spacewalks, and experience the state of weightlessness, as well as the gravity of the moon and other planets.

  выход5.jpg  выход8.jpg  выход7.jpg

- Meet with an experienced astronaut and hear firsthand about space flights and life and working in orbit.

  встреча2.jpg  встреча5.jpg  встреча с космонавтом1.jpg  

- Visit the Cosmonautics Museum and see unique exhibits of the history of space exploration, as well as the office of Yuri Gagarin, all of which are genuine.

    2017-06-27_14-58-25__ed0d0578-5b2f-11e7-ac41-06f7ed071225.jpg    3_605.jpg

Come and learn about space everything that you were afraid to ask! Our excursions can be of any format, from one-day to weekly tours with the passage of elements of a real cosmonaut training program.


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