Tourism of Russia to the Doctors of Russia

Tourism of Russia to the Doctors of Russia

Tourism of Russia to the Doctors of Russia The project "Tourism of Russia to the doctors of Russia".
100 doctors from St. Petersburg will enjoy a weekend tour to Moscow and 100 doctors from Moscow will have a weekend tour to St. Petersburg. These free tours is a way to say "Thank you" to medical professionals for their dedicated fight against the Coronavirus.

In St. Petersburg, the city on the banks of the Neva river, Muscovites will see famous churches, visit the chapel of local famed St. Xenia of Petersburg, patroness of the city, learn the history of the old Peterhof road and get acquainted with the unique ensemble of legendary fountains. Additionally, an unforgettable boat trip along the rivers and channels is waiting for the guests from the capital. 

In Moscow, the capital of Russia, an equally exciting program  is prepared for the medical professionals from St. Petersburg. It will include a city tour, a ride on the cable car, a visit to the highest observation platform in Europe and the Luzhniki stadium.

The trip will be presented to medical workers by the multi-specialty tour operator "Tari Tour".
"Tari Tour" has specifically allocated two own Scania luxury buses for this Bus tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
We also created a striking design project of livery for the buses - using the logos of the our company, “Da Dobro” foundation, as well as the hotels and museums. who supported this project.

Marina Levchenko
General Director of Tari Tour, Moscow:
"I would like to thank the doctors and medical workers who courageously stood up for our health in the midst of the pandemic! Now we have to thank them and give them the opportunity to have a little rest, change the atmosphere, spend a warm weekend in the most beautiful places of the capital."

Galina Bogina, 
General Director of Tari Tour Spb,  Saint Petersburg:  
"I am sincerely grateful to my employees who unanimously supported this project in a situation when Russian tourism is experiencing perhaps the most difficult moment in its history. We will try to maximize the use of our company's resources so that Moscow's medical workers, who were the first to take the brunt of the pandemic, can enjoy St. Petersburg, finding themselves in the beauty that has always saved our world."

On 07 August the first party of fifty tourists – medical proffesionals of both capitals departed for their trips – 25 from Moscow to St. Petersburg and 25 from St. Petersburg to Moscow
It will be six more depatures, every next Fridays.
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About 1400 km a two-way trip is supported by our transport partner Scania, world's famous leading manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses.

This project is supported by hotels of both cities: “Izmailovo Gamma-Delta”, “Oktyabrskaya”, “Azimut St. Petersburg”, “St Petersburg”.
As well as by museums Panorama 360, Luzhniki and Cable Car in Moscow and Peterhof in Petersburg.

More details about project:

Weekend in St. Petersburg for Moscow doctors
A little vacation will begin on Friday evening - with the anticipation of a magical weekend. The night on the road will not be tedious in a comfortable bus, and on Saturday morning, immediately after Breakfast, an exciting excursion program starts. Our guests will visit the "Cathedrals of the Northern capital" tour, visit the chapel of the most revered Saint of St. Petersburg - Blessed Xenia, enjoy the romance of the white nights and admire the famous opening bridges, which this year will look unique without the usual city artistic lighting.  And, of course, we will show our guests the Russian Versailles - Peterhof with its world-famous fountains.
Meeting with Mr Boyarskiy, member of Russian Parliament in Petersburg - Meeting with Mr Boyarskiy, member of Russian Parliament in Petersburg

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This program will include four arrivals between August 7 and September 14

from 7 to 10.08.2020 - with accommodation in the Azimut Hotel Saint Petersburg
from 14 to 17.08.2020 - with accommodation in the hotel "Saint Petersburg" 
from 21 to 24.08.2020 - with accommodation in the Oktyabrskaya hotel
from 11 to 14.09.2020 - with accommodation in the Azimut Hotel Saint Petersburg»

 Tour program includes:
Travel from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and back on comfortable buses Scania;
Accommodation in a 4* hotel (1 night);
Tour service: 
excursion "Cathedrals of the Northern capital" with a visit to the chapel of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, 
sightseeing tour of Saint Petersburg, 
night bus tour "White nights" with opening bridges (optional) 
excursion to Peterhof "Along the old Peterhof road" 
tour of the Lower Park (fountains of Peterhof)

 Weekend in Moscow for St. Petersburg doctors
Our guests will begin their acquaintance with the capital with a sightseeing tour. This is a great opportunity to relax, enjoy the city scenery, learn a lot of interesting historical facts and fall in love with this city forever. In the evening, we will take you through the stunning streets of the evening capital! Moscow is the largest European metropolis, which is said to be "Moscow never sleeps". This city not only never sleeps, but also becomes exceptionally beautiful and fascinating with the arrival of darkness. After thousands of lights are lit on the streets, you will find yourself in a completely different, fabulous place. The next day we will spend with our guests in the most famous estates near Moscow. We will visit the legendary Tsaritsyno Museum-reserve, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful Palace and Park ensembles in Russia, and finish the trip at the Kolomenskoye estate. This is one of the oldest residences of Russian sovereigns: Grand Duke Vasily III and Tsar Ivan the terrible. The Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich is a unique recreated monument of Russian wooden architecture of the XVII century.

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This program will include four arrivals between August 7 and August 31

from 7 to 10.08.2020 - with accommodation in the hotel "Izmailovo"./Delta 
from 14 to 17.08.2020 - with accommodation in the hotel "Izmailovo"./Delta 
from 21 to 24.08.2020 - with accommodation in the hotel "Izmailovo"./Delta 
from 28 to 31.08.2020 - with accommodation in the hotel "Izmailovo"./Delta

Tour program includes:
travel from Saint Petersburg to Moscow and back on comfortable buses Scania;
hotel accommodation 3*-4* (1 night);
Tour service: 
excursion to the Museum (Pushkin/Tretyakov gallery*), 
sightseeing tour of Moscow,
night bus tour "Evening Moscow" (optional) 
excursion to the Tsaritsyno Museum-reserve
excursion to the Kolomenskoye Museum-reserve
*The Museum will be confirmed after the removal of quarantine measures
Project coordinator — centre for corporate volunteering "DaDabro". It accepts applications and conducts organizational work with physicians.

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