UEFA Euro-2020

UEFA Euro-2020

We are proud, that our country was chosen to host the matches of Euro 2020.
Four games was planned to be in St Petersburg, on very new and modern stadium Zenit Arena.

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But due to the global pandemic, football fans were forced to restrain their fan spirit and postpone football attributes until next 2021 year.

Tari Tour, together with whole country, will be happy to welcome foreign guests from all over the world to see these matches.
Of course from Belgium and Finland!
Special programs will be arranged for football fans to see the matches.
As well we will be happy to offer the fans several variants of excursions around matches to enjoy St Petersburg, cultural and architectural gems of Russia.

It is clear, that the dates of the matches in St. Petersburg will be with very high demand and we would like to invite you to think about booking of tours and visits for this period now.
We can not wait this grand event and have already held negotiations with all our suppliers in order to fix the most attractive rates for our guests. 

A total of 4 matches will take place in Russia, in St. Petersburg, and taking into account our many years of experience in organizing tours for football fans, we have drawn up a so-called “difficult dates schedule” during this period:

Eurocup, Match on 12.06 (in St. Petersburg, Belgium - Russia) – dates of high demand will be from 11.06 till 13.06

Eurocup, Match on 16.06 (in St. Petersburg, Finland - Russia) --- dates of high demand will be from 15.06 till 17.06

Eurocup, Match on 21.06 (in St. Petersburg, Finland - Belgium) --- dates of high demand will be from 20.06 till 22.06

Eurocap, Match on 02.07 (in St. Petersburg, quarter final) --- dates of high demand will be from 01.07 till 03.07

We will be glad to offer our mutual guests the most convenient combined programs, including both attending football and sightseeing program in Petersburg.

For example:

1 day
Arrival in Petersburg from any (hoping!!!) city of the world.
Meeting with our English or any other languages (French, Finnish) speaking assistant and transport (car, microbus, bus) 
And transfer to the hotel and overnight 

2 day
Breakfast in the hotel
Optional excursion in Petersburg - short list of possible excursions-museums is here
Return transfer by transport car, microbus, bus) to/from stadium Zenit Arena
Overnight in the hotel

3 day
Breakfast in the hotel
Depending on departure flight - Optional excursion in Petersburg
Transfer with assistant to airport or railway station and goodbye

One of most attractive excursion can be Excursion inside Stadium Zenit-Arena. Not sure if it is possible at the dates around matches, but other dates - very welcome!

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Of course it is possible to extend your stay in Petersburg, continue your program to Moscow, any other variants. 

Having great experiece of receiving football fans during World Cup 2018 in Russia (fans from different countries, including 6 times-games * 3 planes of fans from Croatia!) - let’s make this great event of EURO-2020 in Petersburg even more memorable together!

Enjoy the visit of EURO-2020 in Petersburg with Tari Tour

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