Winter in Pavlovsk / St.Peterburg

Pavlovsk is one of the most magnificent former summer  residences of Russia. It is included into the so-called “Pearl Necklace of St Petersburg”

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Pavlovsk is the youngest of the grand Imperial estates around St. Petersburg.
Named in honour of Tsar Pavel, this fine neo-classical palace and its extensive landscaped gardens are stamped with his taste and even more so with that of his wife, the German-born Maria Feodorovna.
Although there was no love lost between Pavel and his mother, Catherine the Great, it was she who originally presented him with the 362 desyatinas - 607 hectares - of land around the Slavyanskaya River. Perhaps it was the impossibility of living with her son at Tsarskoe Selo, combined with the desire to keep him and his family reasonably close, that prompted her to do so, although the official reason was the birth of her grandson, the future Alexander I.


Among of all of the former royal residences which are located around St Petersburg that is the only one which is fully restored after the Second World War.  Almost 70% of the valuables were evacuated and safely returned to Pavlovsk.
No other Palace Museums of St Petersburg countryside can boast of having the same number of authentic items.  The collection of antiquities that dates 1,2 c B.C. is the second best after the Hermitage. Besides entering the Pavlovsk Palace you get into cosy atmosphere of a royal house which is decorated with exceptional taste and you will have a rare chance to experience the private life of a royal family whereas other palaces just show the gala rooms.   
The Great Palace at Pavlovsk is somewhat staid in comparison to its near neighbour at Tsarskoe Selo, forgoing that building's opulent ornamentation for classical elegance and harmony, painted in the deep yellow and white colour scheme typical of St. Petersburg neo-classicism. 
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Pavlovsk is considered to be one of the most romantic suburbs of St. Petersburg. 
Although lacking the dazzling splendour of the estates at Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof, Pavlovsk is well worth visiting both for the treasures in the elegant palace and for the charming, rambling park, which is one of the largest and finest English-style landscape gardens outside the UK.
Although Pavlovsk's Park has nothing like the architectural wealth that can be seen at Pushkin or Peterhof, it is one of the most charming and extensive green spaces in or around St. Petersburg, and one of the largest landscaped gardens in the world.
Amazing beauty of the park emphasizes the harmony of the Pavlovsk Palace building, where you will see exquisite decoration of ceremonial halls and private chambers.
The park's design, by Charles Cameron and Vincenzo Brenna - and, it is rumoured, Capability Brown - takes full advantage of the rolling countryside around the Slavyanka River's valley to create delightful vistas of copses, gentle slopes, winding streams and the occasional classical folly.

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Additional charm is added in winter time, when Palace, park are under snow.

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Here winter activities can be easily organized.
One of the most popular - riding by TROIKA - three horses with one sleigh. 

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 It is one of rare place where such kind of activity can be met.

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After riding by Troika - enjoy typical and pleasant Tea tasting with famous Samovar, bliny, caviar. Feel your self as a Tsar and his family.

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 Tea tasting with Samovar with snow.jpg  Tea tasting with Blini and caviar.jpg  Tea tasting with Samovar.jpg

Opening times:


Main Season:

15.05 - 30.09 without days off

Low season:

Closed on Friday and 1st Monday of the month


1.5 h


Pavlovsk city, 50 min from city center



Special remark:

The state Museum-reserve "Pavlovsk" offers its guests to take a horse ride in the Pavlovsk Park. In summer, visitors are expected to use carriages, and in winter – Russian sledges drawn by horses.

Max 6 pax per Carrige/sledge, 1 ride 15-20 min

Better to connect with other outskirt excursions like Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo in Pushkin

Group size:

max group size per 1 guide 25 pax

min group size qualify for group rate  7 pax

   Ask us for more details.

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