Climbing in Altai - Mt Belukha climbing by classical route

Climbing in Altai - Mt Belukha climbing by classical route
Climbing Mt Belukha, classical route, 13 days
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Scheme of routes to Mt Belukha
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Day Day's programme Overnight Meals included
1 Day Meeting in Barnaul airport at 7:00. Transfer to Tungur, 10h, 700km. By the way stops in picturesque places for rest and lunch. Fresh villages meals for dinner (meat, potatoes, handmade cheese with perfect herbal tea). Night at the private refuge. Distance: 12h, 750km.

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Refuge D
2 Day All common and part of heacy individual equipment would be carry by horses to Akkem lake base camp.
Transfer with local jeep 4*4.
Trekking through the valley of Kucherla river from base camp "Elan" to camp "Meteostation" (1600 m).
Overnight stop in the tents. Dinner cooked on fire. Distance: 10km, 3-4h.

Treking along Kucherla river.jpg                    Tent camp on river Kucherla.jpg

Tent BLD
3 Day Today Trekking to Kucherlinskoe Lake direction. The way lies through of Kucherla river. We will see one of the beautifiest lakes of Altay - Kucherinskoe Lake, 1750m. It's situated in picturesque valley surrounded by beautiful cedar-forest. Tent camps near Kara-Turek pass at the campsite "Kamennaya Izba" (Stone hut) at 2700m. Dinner is cooked on stove.
Distance: 25 km, 7-8h. 

Kucherlinskoye lake with tourist.jpg                Kamennaya Izba camp site.jpg

Kucherlinskoe Lake BLD
4 Day Today we need to cross Kara-Turek pass, 3060m. Trekking from the camp "Kamennaya Izba" via pass Kara-Turek to base camp on Akkem lake.
First amazing views of lakes and valleys of whole Katunskiy ridge with highest point - Mt.Belukha, 4506m.
Descent to the Base Camp near Ak-kem Lake, 2100m.
Distance: 18km, 6-7h

Karaturek ascent.jpg          Karaturek view to Belukha.jpg

Ak-kem BLD
5 Day Rest day. Who want may have light hiking (3-4 hours) to mysterious Yarlu Valley with Roerikh followers shrine (3-4 hour). Training of personal equipment. Russian bania (national wet sauna) at evening.

Akkem lake with Wall.jpg          Akkem lake with Base Barrels.jpg

Ak-kem BLD
6 Day Today we start our ascent part (4-5 days of autonomic).
All group members will have part of common stuff as tent for 2-3 persons, food for 4-5 days and gas.
Trekking from the base camp Akkem to "Tomskie Nochevki" camp site (3000m)
That place climbers used like first camp in Mt.Belukha ascension. The trail lies by moraine and glacier (8-10 hours). Great view to the Belukha twin peak and amazing Ak-kem wall with icefalls.
Night is at "Tomskie Nochevski" camp site in the tents. Dinner is cooked on a stove.
Distance: 12 km, 7-9h

Tomskiye BC way to.jpg          Tomskiye BC at wall.jpg

Tent BLbD
7 Day Ascent "Tomskie Nochevki" camp to the Delone Pass (3400m) then descent to Mensu glacie with plateau at 3800m.
Mountain pass Delone has 35-45 degree steep snow-ice wall with the length of 300 m (5-6 pitches).
Then descent to the Mensu glacier with further asccent to the plateau over the Berelsoye Saddle mountain pass.
Overnight stop in the tents on the glacier of Berelskoye Saddle
Dinner is cooked on a stove
Distance: 12 km, 7-9h

Pass Delone.jpg          Mensu Glacier view.jpg

Way to Berelskoye saddle.JPG          Camp on Berelskoye Saddle-1.JPG

Camp on Berelsk saddle-2.jpg            Camp on Berelskiy saddle.JPG

Tent BLbD
8 Day Ascent to East (Main) Belukha summit (4506 m)
The start is at about 2-3 a.m. We fix 6 ropes to the TKT pass (3800 m) and then to Belukhinskiy pass (4300 m). From this point we may see both peaks of Mt Belukha.
After 3 hours we will be at the summit.
Great view if the weather is good. 
The way back is the same with fixed ropes to the camp on Berelskoye Saddle.
After short rest, it is possible to descent by the same way to the Tomskiye Nochevky camp site (BC) or keep stay in the camp. Dinner is cooked on a stove
Distance: 20km, 10-12h

Climbing Belukha-1.jpg          Climbing Belukha-2.jpg

Climbing Belukha-3.jpg          _MG_7404.jpg

Belukha from the Top.JPG          Belukha top.jpg

Tent BLbD
9 Day Reserve day in case of bad weather Tent BLbD
10 Day Descent by the same way from Berelskoye saddle or from Tomskiye Nochevki (depending in previous day) to the base camp at Akkem lake. At Akkem we have Russian banya for washing and rest and recovering. Night in the base camp near the lake. Dinner cooked on fire.
Distance: 17 km, 5-6h
Ak-Kem BLbD
11 Day Trekking from the base camp Akkem to meadow "Three Birches", about 25 km down the Ak-Kem river through the forest. Horses accompany us for some luggage.
Then russian off-road truck GAZ-66 takes the group and luggage and crosses the Kuzuyak pass,1340m to Tungur village.
Arriving to the private refuge in farm place. Russian bania (national wet sauna) and losing drinks. Night at the private refuge.

Kuzuyak pass way.jpg          Kuzuyak pass view.jpg

Kuzuyak pass with GAZ-66.jpg

Refuge BLD
12 Day After breakfast transfer to Barnaul. Night in the hotel Central. Distance: 10h, 750km.

Hotel Central Barnaul entrance.jpg          Hotel Central Barnaul Room.jpg

Hotel Central B
13 Day Transfer to the airport. Departure flight. B

B - breakfast (porridge, bread, cheese, sausage, tea or coffee, sweets
Lb - lunch box (sandwich, chocolate, dry fruits mix)
L - lunch (soup, bread, tea or coffee, sweets
D - dinner (second dish, bread, tea or coffee, sweets

Quotation includes:

- All necessary transfers required for carrying out the trip: 
      - Barnaul-Tungur-Barnaul by van;
      - Tungur-Elan' by local jeep at 2nd day;
      - crossing Kuzuyak pass-Tungur by GAZ-66 at 11th day;
- Accommodation according with the program:
      - two nights in Tungur refuge (3-4-5 beds rooms)
      - two or three nights in Akkem BC (tent or simple hut)
      - one night in Brnaul Airport hotel (2 beds rooms)
- All food according to the program:
- English speaking leader mountain guide during all the program:
-  Guides-assistents for ascent of Mt. Belukha (1 per each 4 clients)
- Cook service (by guides)
- Rental group equipment and pack horses (to carry common equipment);
- Necessary formality (visa support, passport registration, permits).

Organizer provides (included in price):

- 2-3 - persons tents;
- Common climbing and cooking equipment: ropes, gas stove and dishes;
- Satellite communications «Iridium».

Not included in price:

- Flight to / from Barnaul;
- The use of satellite communications;
- Unexpected preliminary evacuation cost;
- Insurance;
- Personal expenses, alcohol;
- Visa costs.

Weather Conditions:

July-August-September is a good time for the ascent. Weather is stable and sunny. Daytime temperatures on the track +20+23˚C and +13 +15˚C in the night. The temperature at the altitude of 2,000m or more is +11+18˚C, in the night may drop to zero temperature.


The expedition will be led by experienced guides. But do not forget about individual physical shape. Help with daily bivouac works would be an asset. Food is cooked on a fire and a gas stove. Given the mountainous area, you must first consult with your doctor. Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is obligatory. Ascension part of expedition is implicit neglect of comfort.

Attention: For visiting of Mt.Belukha region (border zone) you will need to file a documents for permits not less than 3 months before visit.