Tours to Volcano Gorely in Kamchatka

Gorely is an active volcano situated in 75 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Its height is 1,829 meters above the sea level, and locals gain its top in about 50 minutes. For less experienced tourists this way will take up to 4-5 hours, depending on many factors. In order to travel to Volcano Gorely in Kamchatka, contact our inviting company, and we’ll be glad to accommodate you at the most comfortable hotel and offer an experienced native guide.

Tours to Volcano Gorely in Kamchatka

Some Interesting Facts about the Gorely Volcano

Being in its nature a centuries-old ridged rock massif, this spitfire mountain rises from the ellipsoid-shaped caldera, which is regarded as a geological natural sanctuary. After a series of explosions, the peak of the volcano came down. There formed a number of volcanic vents overlaying one another and merging into one big crater of eruption. Some of them are full of water, looking like crystal-clear volcanic lakes. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to see the most beautiful of these lakes during your tour to Volcano Gorely in Kamchatka:

  • Lake Cylinder. Located at the Southern flank of the volcano, it is surrounded by the flat slag-covered ground. The diameter of the vent is around 40 meters.
  • Blue Lake. It is the largest and the most picturesque volcanic vent with the sheer walls, the height of which reaches as much as 200 meters. In its bed, there is blue fast ice and ice floes.
  • Lake Cup. Situated on the top of the shaped mountain cone, it is surrounded by a high and narrow circular spine. The bed of the lake is covered with slag, snow, and ice. Sometimes, the color of this blend becomes violet.
Tours to Volcano Gorely in Kamchatka

Many tourists visit the Gorely Volcano in Kamchatka in order to see the mysterious caves formed more than 2 thousand years ago, after numerous eruptions. Their walls consist of lava, while the floor is icy. There are 14 caves near the spitfire mountain, but only 6 of them are accessible for people.

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