Valley of Geysers

Valley of Geysers

The Valley of Geysers is a true wonder and pride of Russia. There are only six large geothermal fields in the world with dozens of spouting hot springs concentrated in a small area. And one of them is in Kamchatka.

The Valley of Geysers is located on the territory of Kronotsky Reserve and represents a mountain canyon four kilometers wide, 400 meters deep, and eight kilometers long with the flowing Geyzernaya River. Fifty geysers, shooting springs, water and mud pots are found within six km from the river mouth. Geysers are just one kind of thermal springs. But in contrast to thermal springs, most geysers spout above the land surface; not all, but most of them, as their behavior is very individual.

It’s prohibited to approach geysers, to put fingers into water or mud cauldrons, or to bathe in the Valley’s warm lakes. First, because the Reserve is a strictly protected area; second, it’s dangerous. The tour in the Valley is made on boardwalks, located at a safe distance from thermal springs. Thus, visitors do not risk finding themselves under a shower of boiling water, and they do not harm the fragile ecosystem of the canyon either.

At present, visitors can enjoy the modern infrastructure of Uzon-Geyzerny District in Kronotsky Reserve: view-points are equipped with benches and information boards, telescopes offer a better observation of the canyon slopes and animals. The best time for visiting the Valley is July and August when lush vegetation abundantly grows everywhere. What can be more beautiful than sparkling natural fountains against a sapphire sky and emerald grasses favored with birdsongs and roaring mountain river?! However, the Valley is spectacular in any season — in autumn’s shades of yellow and red, and when the canyon slopes are covered with fluffy snow.

Helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers

Duration of one-day helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers takes about 6 hours and it may become an interesting complement to any of your tour. It is possible to book this tour separately as well.

  • Flight over Karymsky and Maly Semyachik during the flight to the Valley of Geysers
  • 1,5 hours’ hiking trip along the Valley of Geysers
  • Landing and a trip along the Uzon volcanic caldera (about 50 minutes) - one of additional option
  • A flight to the Valley of Geysers and taking bath in hot springs (+ hot dinner) - one of additional option

Tour begins on the board of one of the most safety helicopters all over the world - MI-8 and and flight is of 200 kilometers along the beautiful landscape of peninsula. The breathtaking views of the mountain ranges and majestic volcanoes open before your eyes from the height of birds flight and we fly over tundra, lakes and rivers of Kamchatka.

Kamch-27-VG.jpg           Kamch-32-VG.jpg

We fly over the two active volcanoes during one-hour`s flight as well.The first one is Karymsky volcano. Despite it has a small height of 1468 meters, it is very active. This volcano has erupted two times for the last ten years. On flying to the volcano you can see a view of lava circle, surrounding the giant, and the smoking crater.

The second one is Maly Semyachik volcano. It has a distinctive feature such as the azure crater lake. You can see the color of lake only from the distance; if you stand close to the lake the unusual color disappears. The bright azure-grey color is conditioned by sulfur and the highest acid concentration all over the world. The acid value (pH) of the lake equals approximately 1. You can snap photos of this beauty through the windows of the helicopter.

Kamch-28-VG.jpg           Kamch-34-VG.jpg

After fascinating flight we finally land. Our guide tells you about the rules of tour round the Reserve before the tour to the Valley of Geysers starts. Travel within the territory to the observation desks is accomplished by only the wood decks which were made for preserving nature in such form of which it existed for hundred years and for your safety as well.

KamchVG-Geys-River.jpg           KamchVallGeysers.jpg

You can see a large complex of geysers called "Vitrazh" (stained-glass window) from the observation desk. It was no exaggeration to say that this is the main panorama of the valley. The nature creates wonderful color blending of yellow, silver and brown tints. Shrouding this splendor in mist of fumaroles and geysers, it immerses you into the real tale.

Kamch-30-VG.jpg           Kamch-31-VG.jpg

A helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers and Uzon volcanic caldera finishes by flying back to Elizovo. Have vivid memories of this day! (We hope, you have vivid memories of this day forever!)

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