Visit Avachinskiy Volcano – the Pride of Kamchatka

Visit Avachinskiy Volcano – the Pride of Kamchatka

The Avachinskiy group of volcanoes includes as many as five spitfire mountains – Aag, Arick, Kozelsky, Koryaksky, and Achava. The former two are the oldest ones, while Koryaksky and Achava are still active. There are many interesting things about this place; this is why people from all over the world visit the Avachinskiy Volcano in Kamchatka at different times of the year. We offer you to join them and explore this part of the Russian Far East with a native guide from Tari Tour.

Avachinskiy Volcano

Investigating the Nature of the Avachinskiy Volcano

These spitfire mountains can tell you the whole story of wildlife, both bright and mysterious. We’ve selected the most exciting facts about them, so that you could make the more intimate acquaintance of the place before you travel to the Avachinskiy Volcano in Kamchatka:

  • The slopes of the mountains are covered with fumarole vents that let off lots of acrid puffs. The gas temperature in these fumaroles reaches as much as 400°С.
  • Avacha is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka, this is why it’s frequently referred to as “Fiery”.
  • The diameter of its spiracle is 400 meters. There are many hot springs in this place, as the fumaroles activity inside the volcano never stops.
  • Camel Mountain, known also as “Dvugorbaya” resembles this animal due to its unusual form. It is composed entirely of solid rocks, as old as time.
  • Every year, in summer, locals celebrate the Volcano Day – they organize a feast at the foothill and climb the mountain all together.
Avachinskiy Volcano

During your tours to the Avachinskiy Volcano, you’ll surely meet the primary dwellers of this area – Kamchatka ground squirrels. The most numerous population of these species lives near Avacha Mountain. Interestingly, Kamchatka ground squirrels aren’t afraid of humans – take something tasty and feed the animals right from the hand.

In order to book an individual or a group tour to the Avachinskiy Volcano, please, contact the managers of Tari Tour in any convenient way. We will make your vacation in this peninsula comfortable, safe, and unforgettably rich.

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