Visit the Mutnovsky Volcano with a Guide from Tari Tour

Visit the Mutnovsky Volcano with a Guide from Tari Tour

The Mutnovsky Volcano is one of the most active spitfire mountains in Kamchatka. It impresses numerous tourists with its wonderful fumarole vents, bizarre lava stones, and huge mountain glaciers. The spiracle of this volcano is really enormous – it’s worth seeing no matter if you’ve already visited dozens of other spitfire mountains. In order to book a private tour to Volcano Mutnovsky in Kamchatka, contact our inviting company. We’ll find the best hotel on the peninsula and organize exciting excursions to the most interesting places with a native guide.

Mutnovsky Volcano

Five Things to Have a Look at When Visiting the Volcano

This landmark has many peculiarities that distinguish it from other volcanic mountains of the kind. People travel to the Mutnovsky Volcano in order to see the following:

  • Fumarole vents, covered with a layer of yellow sulfur. They let off acrid puffs of smoke due to the underground volcanic activity that never stops in this part of the Planet. Some columns of acrid smoke reach the height of 1 km and even more.
  • Sulfur-mud and water pools. The clouds of steam, surrounding these natural geological formations, look like huge translucent cupolas from mystical films about ghosts. They appear and disappear in different parts of the hillside, living their own, incomprehensible life.
  • The Vulkannaya River with an 80-metre high waterfall. During your individual or group tour to the Mutnovsky Volcano, you’ll surely see this rapid mountain stream cutting the spiracle and falling down from the mountain wall. The river forms a deep dangerous canyon with a charactonym – Opasnyi.
Mutnovsky Volcano

They say, on the highest spiracle of the volcano there is an old plane suffered wreck many decades ago. Only experienced climbers get to this airplanewreck, while for the rest visitors this crash site remains inaccessible.

If you want to visit Volcano Mutnovsky in Kamchatka, contact Tari Tour and we’ll make your vacation at the peninsula really unforgettable and breathtaking.

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