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Short description of the Tolbachik Volcano and surroundings.

The Tolbachik volcano
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The Tolbachik volcano area is famous for its landscapes and its formation. The scientists remember so-called The Tolbachik eruption of the Century.

The Tolbachik eruption of the century is called the Big Cleft Tolbachinsky eruption and it is considered one of the largest basalt eruptions ever known in the volcano belt of the Kuril islands and Kamchatka. It lasted for one and a half years (July, 1975 - December, 1976) and was included in the list of six the most powerful cleft eruptions ever happened on the Earth.

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The events were evolving in the mid of a wood 18 km to the south from the Plosky volcano (=the Flat volcano). The eruption was accurately forecasted and studied by the scientists of the Institute of Volcanology (P.I. Tokarev). The flaming "candle" reached 2,5 km in height, and the ash cloud was 12 km long. In sequence, new clefts evolved one after another, and as a result four new cones of the Tolbachinsky volcanoes were formed (from 100 to 300 m high). 

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The enormous territory around them turned into a burnt desert, the forest captured by the ash fall dried off to the root. Lakes and rivers disappeared. Those animals that had survived left the area for the best.

Pl Tolb Climb-Dead Forest-3.jpg           Pl Tolb Climb-Dead Forest-4.jpg

The tourists are captivated and mesmerized by the lunar landscapes of the Tolbachik volcano. No wonder, in this area the Sovjet lunar vehicles were tested several years ago. Usually the acquaintance with the Tolbachik volcano starts with the Northern cones.

From the top of the Northern cones there is a magnificent view of the Klyuchevskaja group of volcanoes: the Ostry (=Sharp) Tolbachik, the Plosky (=Flat) Tolbachik, the Klyuchevskoj volcano, the Malaja and the Bolshaja Udina, the Bezymyanny (=Nameless) volcano. The Klyuchevskoj volcano (4850 m) is considered to be the highest volcano in Eurasia.

Pl Tolb Climb-View-1.jpg           Pl Tolb Climb-View-2.jpg

The way to the Southern cones is also picturesque, the landscape is different and diverse: first you pass by the fantastic dead forest, go through molten lava and coniferous forest where the master the brown bear is. It is a full day itinerary to the Southern cones.If the group is physically able, it can undertake an ascend onto the Plosky (=Flat) Tolbachik - a full day ascend.

On the way back it is possible to get into the Milkovo settlement or the Esso village. In Esso you can stay at a very comfortable private hotel, take thermal bath in a swimming-pool and see a folklore indigenous performance.

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